Michael Jackson

Pop star Michael Jackson will be buried with his famed white glove at the request of his sister La Toya Jackson. Jackson's longtime costumers, Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush, designed the singers burial suit, and it has now emerged that the superstar's look was completed with a single white leather glove created by Dorothy Gaspar, who was commissioned to design the gloves for Jackson's ill-fated This Is It comeback tour. According to TMZ.com, the accessory chosen by the Jackson family was one covered in Swarovski crystals that Gaspar made for the singer over a decade ago. Jackson's brothers, who served as pallbearers at his Staples Center memorial service in Los Angeles California on Tuesday, all wore matching yellow ties, sunglasses and the late pop superstar's trademark glittering glove. Jackson's gold coffin took center stage at the ceremony and his body is currently being held at a very secret location. His final resting place remains a mystery, but reports suggest it could be Neverland, Jackson's beloved home for many years.
Photo By: Walter McBride/Retna