Paris Hilton

The always fun and exciting Paris Hilton, is slamming the media for gossip stories linking her to soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. The star is insisting she wants the romance rumors to end once and for all. Paris ended her wild romance with Doug Reinhardt earlier this month and shortly after the news of the breakup broke, she was snapped getting close to Ronaldo in a Los Angeles California nightclub. Paris has been plagued with rumors of a romance with the athlete ever since. Paris keeps insisting they are "just friends."And now Hilton is taking aim at the media, accusing reporters of making up "vicious stories" about her love life. She says on, "I'm really sick of reporters not only making up stories, but also inventing their own quotes that I never even said. It's ridiculous! They have no credibility. They make up vicious stories, and even though they are so far from the truth, it's still hurtful. "They even invent relationships, if I even talk to a guy as a friend, they blow it so out of proportion and act like we are dating. So lame. "Sorry for the venting, I'm just sick of all these stupid rumors. I'm trying to focus on my life and work and don't need the extra stress. "Plus, I want you all to know the truth. Don't believe what you read, about 90 percent of it is pure fiction."