The Singhs

Have you ever attended a show and while you were waiting, and it all began to fall apart? Let us explain: We arrived at Gavin DeGraw's National Underground to see the NYC-debut, at least for this year, of a Times Square Gossip favorite, The Singhs. We arrived on time and met their affable manger Art Edelstein out front. We walked in together anticipating the band to hit the stage in a matter of minutes. We ordered some libations from the bar and, turned back to the stage and immediately spied Edelstein in a rather heated conversation with the sound manger onstage. Something didn't feel right, and suddenly, there appeared another band onstage, someone called, believe it or not, Abbie Road! The three piece outfit was surprisingly good, especially their violinist, but the sauciness of their lead singer sort of ruined it for everyone there to see The Singhs. Drinking onstage is never good, nor professional, but this girl downed her drinks. Moments later, we were informed by Edelstein, and their PR-man David Salidor, that the gig there had been scrubbed and a new destination, the lovely Rivington Hotel was on. As we talked with Edelstein en route, it seems there was some sort of disagreement with the room, DeGraw's brother in fact, who apparently made a hasty and unprofessional exit when things turned wrong. Something like this would never have happened at Steve Walter's Cutting Room, or, any other establishment we frequent. It is a sad, sad statement on the shape of things. Thumbs down for this establishment! The band set up on the second floor of the exclusive Rivington Hotel, and the jamming began. What a great night, to be sitting there in this ever so exclusive hotel with a private performance by The Singhs. We spoke to them all, very eager about their upcoming work with visionary producer Tony Visconti (Gentle Giant, Badfinger, Paul McCartney, Debbie Gibson, Mary Hopkin, T Rex, The Sparks, Moody Blues, and, many, many more). We also took some photos and watched the band engage themselves in several serious games of pool. The five member group (Miki Singh along with Peter Parcek, Steve Scully, Marc Hickox and Brother Cleve) remain as tight an outfit as they did last year and their interaction is simply phenomenal . Salidor and Cleve, the band's keyboardist, got into a nice conversation about another favorite of ours, August Darnell and his band Kid Creole And The Coconuts. Salidor handled the band's press many years ago, when they first came out on ZE Records.Their latest CD SUPERSATURATED (Redstar) remains a terrific work, as each of the 12-tracks in their own special way, are both atmospheric and terrifically irresistible. Our favorites, “Invisible”, “Tina”, “Daddy’s All Gone”, and the title track all remain in our iPod. We'll exclusively report on their work with Visconti next week. National Underground missed a great shot here . Shame on them!
Photo By: James Edstrom