Judge Marilyn Milian And Mariano Rivera

Judge Marilyn Milian of "The People's Court" stopped by Yankee Stadium yesterday to present honorary judge of the Yankee clubhouse kangaroo court, Mariano Rivera, with his very own robe and gavel! Milian offered Rivera advice on courtroom etiquette outside the dugout while the team was stretching before batting practice. "You can't be a judge without a real robe," Milian told Rivera. "Now I am all business," Rivera proudly responded. Fellow Miami native, Alex Rodriguez stopped by with a hug for the Judge asking about her family back home. Kangaroo court jurist A.J. Burnett gave Judge Milian a big embrace and declared he watches "The People's Court" all the time and had Judge Milian autograph a ball for his wife. Outfielder Nick Swisher playfully admitted he was the player with the most fines. The Bronx Bombers better watch out now....after receiving the gavel, Rivera shouted to all his teammates "I've got the real thing! I'm coming after you!"
Photo By: New York Yankees


Jenny said…
Maybe this is off the subject of this Honorary Day at the Stadium but I cannot seem to find a forum to express my disdain for Judge Marilyn Milian. She is not very nice at all. I have tried to find a redeeming quality in her show's performance but she is hell-bent on showboating over her litigants. I could not be the only person who finds her offensive the way she lords herself over the litigants, the way she screams over their words. I mean she is totally high-strung and off the chain. And the little adages that she injects in spanish about what this and that means are quite annoying and "you can stick me with a fork I am so done" is another irritating thing. Judge Maria Lopez was cancelled and I liked her so much. She was calm and you could just tell that she was a nice person. Judge Milian doesn't appear to be, she wastes too much time being the center of the circus that is her show.
Anonymous said…
I've got to disagree. She is very fair minded, practical, and rational in her decisions. She does get angry at litigants who are immature and don't employ common sense in their reasoning. I mean, come on, if you're an adult and don't possess those fundamental skills, then a yelling will be the only way to get you.

Milian, being a Georgetown law graduate, is very intelligent and logical. Her show is focused around the law and not her -- you will always hear she employ legal reasoning and legal terms to help both the litigants and the viewer understand the decision of the case.

If you are looking for shows where the judge is the "center of the circus," there are plenty out there that will meet that criterion, but The People's Court is definitely not one of them. That is why it is the longest running court show and still on the air.

Just my 2 cents worth.
Anonymous said…
I have been watching the peoples court for several yrs now and have noticed a slight change in Judge Milian. The show was nominated last yr for an emmy and they lost to cristina's court. To me that was a slap in her face. Maria Lopez was an embarrasement, her rulings were not always based on the law. I can see why she was cancelled. Peoples court has been nominated again, for an emmy this yr, hopefully the results will be fair. The only other court show that may come out ahead would be Judge Judy.
lauren said…
I have to say, I've watched The People's Court for several years now and I absolutely love Judge Milian. I think she is so intelligent and fair-minded. I always find myself nodding in agreement with her verdicts. She is one of the most respected judges in the US, I read somewhere that her overturn-on-appeal rate was like 1.5%. That means that 98.5% of her verdicts remained!! She is feisty and hilarious to watch, and I have cracked up quite a few times watching her stick to some idiotic, lying or disrespectful litigant. It doesn't bother me at all that she gets heated sometimes. It's her courtroom and she earned the right to be judge and she is good at what she does. If she wants to yell at some jackass who is bold-faced lying or being disrespectful, I am all for it! I love her!