134 Lewis Walk
Cherry Grove, NY 11782

Telephone: (631) 597-6261

Dune Point Fire Island

We recently went to our favorite get-a-way Cherry Grove Fire Island, where many celebrities over the years have vacationed, and many movers and shakers in the entertainment business go to let loose without ending up on Page Six in The New York Post. We just discovered a new place to stay. The Dune Point Fire Island. This place has been around for years, but there's one thing different. They have new owners that really care for their customers and a very new attitude. As much as I love Cherry Grove, this has been always been hard to find in a hotel or guest house there, without being taken to the cleaners. Many of our readers read my review last year on The Cherry Grove Beach Hotel. If you didn't, Click Here. We were very upset with paying around $170.00 a night off season, for bad conditions and a very bad attitude. We recently visited a friend who was staying there, and it seems the Hotel has finally listened to Times Square Gossip. The rooms are all fixed up, or at least the one we saw, and they are quite nice. But the prices are still out of this world, and we just do not like the attitude there. So now, we discovered Dune Point, right on the ocean in Cherry Grove. We have heard of this place for many years, but the difference now is that they have new owners, Petra and Rick. And their attitude is all about the customer. When we arrived, they were busy fixing up everything. New Paint jobs, new patio furniture, re-designed rooms. All the rooms have heating, AC, Televisions, Refrigerators, Stoves, plates and anything else you may need to feel at home. You can sit on the deck and watch the ocean or watch the deer walk around. You can meet the friendly neighbors who live all around the guest house. The conversations I had with them, were priceless. The Dune Point is very close to all the clubs, like the Island Breeze Bar and Restaurant, where you mention Dune Point and get a free appetizer. Or you can head over to World Famous Cherry's bar and restaurant, and have a few drinks with Johnny Pool, who is a legend in his own time. If you want to forget the world, this is the place to go, Cherry Grove Fire Island. And the place to stay is The Dune Point. We just love Petra. We watched her work so hard when we were there. She was doing everything to make the guests have a great stay. She brought us new towels, DVD's and anything else we needed. And the prices are just about better than anywhere else in Cherry Grove. When you book two nights, they give you Wednesday free. You can choose from intimate studios to huge apartment like rooms. You are not going to find a better deal.

The Island Breeze On The Bay


Anonymous said…
Love this place and James Is a riot there.