Robert Pattinson

Filming on sexy Robert Pattinson's new picture "Remember Me" was thrown into total chaos on Wednesday, when firefighters rushed to the New York City set to investigate a crumbling building. Robert is currently shooting the film in downtown Manhattan, but work was delayed when a crack in the wall of an old property nearby widened, setting off warning alarms placed to monitor the damaged building. Five fire engines and 20 firefighters rushed to the scene to get the situation under control, and the disruption caused a number of problems for the movie crew, which attempted to shoot around all the chaos. An source tells OK magazine, "It's causing a hold-up for the shoot. We can't get anything in or out of here." However, actor Pattinson refused to let the interruption interfere with his job. An onlooker says, "Robert was concentrating on his scene. But most of the crew were staring nervously at the crack in the building and talking about whether it will fall down or not."
Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna