Kristin Sargent

Australian Vocal Group Human Nature

Ben Kermode

Producer Robert Lewis Galinsky And The Strip View Live Co-Host Maria Ngo

Jesse Johnson

Jesse Johnson relaxes at the North American Premiere of Australian Horror film 'Prey' at The Palms Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Photos By: RD / Kabik / Retna Digital


Unknown said…
attempted to watch the new australian horror "prey" hmm loves the video piracy warning at the start .. stating that we all love to see a great australian film .. well if this is the standard of an aussie film im disgusted its that bad its n...ot even laughable .. god we make shit films its embaressing knowing this is even being sold over seas .I guess thats one way to safe gaurd against illegal movie downloads .. just make the movie that bad u wouldint waste a meg on it .. shit movie