Mancow Erich Muller

You know, It amazes me how low Gawker.com will go, including printing e-mails that were not intended for them, and most likely were hacked from someones computer. There has to be something illegal here. Well I guess I am not surprised, considering the things they have done to me personally in the past. Like the time I was in Marquee Nightclub in New York City with two waiters from my favorite watering hole Broadway Langans. They wrote a story with all my quotes all switched around, as well as mis-quotes and then wrote that I was hanging in the club with two 14 year olds. They tried to make me out as a pervert. Then there were the times they wrote such mean bad stories about New York Post icon Steve Dunleavy. Dunleavy has to be the nicest reporter there ever was, yet they picked and picked on this guys drinking. They failed to see Dunleavy's talent. This guy could write a story floating On the ocean. And as for Dunleavy's drinking, they failed to recognize that Dunleavy was from the old school of reporting, where they hung out in bars and wrote their stories right there and then phoned them in. On Dunleavy's worst drinking days, he could write a front page story, that was all facts, unlike Gawker.

Then they go on to attack one of the most talented publicists there is, Linda Shafran. No matter what anyone says, Linda Shafran is one of the many talents behind Jerry Springer and Steve Wilkos. She is a hard worker and knows her job better than just about any other publicist I have worked with, and I have worked with them all. She is smart and a very loving person, which is more than I can say about most people in this business. Many times Linda and I throw ideas back and forth with each other. They are discussions till we come to a final idea, and these hacked e-mails from Linda, are just that. Throwing ideas around till you come to a final plan. Then Gawker goes on to write that she will be un-employed when Springer leaves to start taping his show in Stamford Connecticut. This in fact is sad, because NBC does not realize what a huge talent they are losing and Linda will have no problem finding another gig. I spent many a night with Linda at NBC Towers in Chicago, and she will work from early morning till 2 am the next day to get the work done for her clients. NBC will realize their loss when the ratings begin to drop, and their new Publicists leave at 5pm every day, while Linda would never leave till the job is done. In fact, she has refused several job offers already, because she wants the right fit. It seems Gawker would rather see the bad in everything, rather than any good what-so-ever. The point of the waterboarding, was to show it was torture. It is in-human. Maybe Mancow did it right or he did it wrong. The point is torture can not be accepted in this country. And even know we do not care for Kieth Olbermann, we applaud him for giving ten grand to a good charity. Maybe next time I see Sean Hannity in Broadway Langans, he will let me waterboard him. As much as Mancow pisses me off sometimes, like when I'm in his Chicago studio and I can not get two words in, I still love and respect the guy. He has a heart of gold, and really cares about this country. The flack surrounding Mancow Erich Muller's waterboarding was to prove a point. Torture is torture, and it can not be accepted by a country that believes in freedom. Watch the video yourself and you decide. As for the leaked e-mails, or as we think hacked, there should be a police investigation, as stealing someones e-mails is illegal! It is a evasion of privacy, and we all had to change our passwords and install anti-hacking software in our computers.


"I am not a magician. Many news cameras were there! Obviously, it was on the radio and I wasn’t in prison. I’m also not a radicalized Muslim terrorist. But it was not a hoax! I repeat: NOT A HOAX. We kept telling management, the insurance companies, and the local Chicago cops we weren’t really going to do it - until we did. Otherwise, they weren’t gonna let us do it! We got a U.S. Marine that told us he had studied how to do it and he volunteered to waterboard me in return for a mention of his charity. I was on a decline and I was waterboarded. Was I in chains? No. Does that make it less real? I am failing to get the point attempted by my detractors. We never claimed it was an exact recreation. The CIA technique is exactly what we did: 1. Keep the chest elevated above the head and neck to keep the lungs “above the waterline.” 2. Incline the head, both to keep the throat open and to present the nostrils for easier filling. 3. Force the mouth open so that water can be poured into both the nose and mouth. Sorry, I thought for years it wasn’t torture and now I do. The video is there for all to see. The left has taken my message and distorted it as well. Would I waterboard to save my daughters (or any American children)? Yes! The three terrorists that were waterboarded at Guantanamo were done so by military professionals. And it was done to save lives with America’s best interests at heart. Mine was a silly radio time filler in comparison. Its apples & hand grenades! It would be insane to equate what I did with anything that happens in prison. I am simply a free man in a radio studio that always tries to get inside the big issues. This is an ugly issue with no easy answers. But I now see it’s easier for some to dismiss me than to do any real soul searching on this very heady issue.
Photo By: James Edstrom