Bank Of America Is The Worst Bank In This Country

We just read our good friend and frequent Times Square Gossip contributor Kathy Posner's blog on the credit card companies. You can read what she has to say by clicking here, but we disagree with her so much on this issue. Our Chicago icon seems to think that the credit card companies are being fair. Well my friend Kathy, they are not. I have around a 780 credit score which is better than 80 percent of the rest of the country. We have been slammed with unfair interest hikes and unfair lowering of the available credit. We always pay our cards on time and always pay 3 or 4 times more than is due. Bank Of America was the first company to screw the American public. They raised my rates almost a years ago because I was short one cent in my checking account and they covered it. They charged me 39 dollars to pay the one cent. I told them I always check my balance and that my checks that were posted were being switched around. They denied this. But just recently, Bank Of America settled a class action lawsuit without admitting any wrong doing (Of course), for 750 million that accused them of doing just this. Then they raised my interest on my Bank Of America Card from 14 percent to 24.999 percent, saying I was a bigger risk. When I called them, they would do nothing and I cancelled the card. Then my credit score dropped 68 points because I cancelled the card. How fair is this. How fair is it that credit card companies can raise your rates when you have a problem with another company. This was fixed the other day with a new bill signed by the president. I do not want to do business with crooks, so when I cancel a card, my score goes down. Should you suffer when you do not want to do business with crooks? Well you do ! Months later, American Express cut my available credit down almost 68 percent. Two Months later they raised my interest rates saying I had too big a balance compared to the credit available. I argued that I had only 10 percent of my credit used before they cut my credit down. They told me I was a bigger risk now and I could cancel the card. I kept this card, because I still had enough credit on it, but I do not like the fact that they did this to a very good customer. I am never late and always pay more than due. Next credit card company to screw a good customer was HSBC. They cut my card down to 310 dollars. Where the hell did they get this figure, I'll never understand. When I called them, they said they did it to everyone. I argued that I was one of their best customers for almost ten years and they ignored my pleas. I told them to cancel my card because I was not going to pay 39 dollars a year for a 310 dollar card. They said they could waive the fee for a year. I told them to go to hell. They told me my credit score would suffer. I told them it already has by you lowering my credit, so cancel the card. I asked them where the bank was from and they told me Hong Kong. So Hong Kong HSBC is here when the goings are good, but bails when the times gets rough. F**k you. Get out of our country.


The banks and credit card companies took our stimulus money and ran. They did not release the credit that they were supposed to do. They used the money to buy other banks and to open more branches than every before. Look around the country. Bank Of America's are opening everywhere at a staggering rate. HSBC is opening more branches than I ever saw. They took our stimulus money to try to beat the competition. They did not release credit. They took the American people for a ride. We should take back the money. It should never been offered. I never got a mortgage I could not afford. I paid my bills on time. Why should I pay for the people that got mortgages they could not afford? Why should I pay for the greed of the banks? In this world you need credit cards. You need them to to stay in a hotel. You need them to fly on a plane. You need them everywhere. If we could go back to the cash system, I would be happy because I would not need credit cards then. I always liked it when you payed as you go. I never lived above my means. When businesses fail, new business start up to take their place, and they want your business and they work harder. Bank Of America is too big now. They do not care about the customer. A while back I went into a branch, and they had Russian tellers. They want to be a world bank and F**k Americans. I kept my Bank Of America checking accounts only because I had so many direct deposits running into it and it is so hard to change. Well it will next week, when I find a new bank and leave the crooks once and for all. And I also loved the story of the Bank Of America CEO coming to New York City after they got their stimulus money, on a private 20 thousand dollar jet, when they could have rode a airline for a hundred bucks. They just do not get it. America has had enough with these high flying CEO's that are spending our money then asking for more. America is tired of these big bonuses to CEO's that are at fought for destroying our economy. Lets start off with boycotting one bank. Let it be Bank Of America. Close your accounts. Cancel you Bank Of America Cards. They are raping America.
And one final note to my rich friends. When they are done raping the poor and middle class, you are next !
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Anonymous said…
I had two credit cards and they were NOT with BofA. BofA bought those companies up and I then became a customer of BofA. Never a late payment and always more than the minimum. My interest rate of 7.9 DOUBLED. I called BofA.

BofA asked me if I was aware of what was happening in the economy. I said it had NO RELEVANCE to my credit paying. They said it did. They were sorry but they could not drop the rates. (It took 3 phone calls and 7 days to get that much of an answer. Then this followed:

One ingenuous customer service rep at BofA offered me a lower rate of 1% for one year... but I had to open a new account with them! Transfers were not accepted.

Keep in mind: I was FIRST told rates were raised because I had become a risk in the economy. Then I was told I was no longer a risk!

If you can figure out this scam, please do post an answer here.
James Edstrom said…
There is no answer..Bank Of America has become too big and now with the government money they are even getting bigger. They are crooks and have been for years. Another note. The small banks that know every customer by name, did not have the lending problems because they lended to people that could afford the loans..... They were not greedy like Bank Of America. It's time America speaks, and boycott Bank Of America or as I call them, The Bank Of Crooks !