Courtney Love

Hole singing star Courtney Love is slamming back at a $350,000 lawsuit filed against her by bosses at the credit card company American Express, accusing them of allowing fraudulent transactions to be made using her account. American Express claims the rock icon charged up the bill on her Gold card and has refused to pay it off, but Love's lawyer has fired back, and is insisting his client has been battling the charges for months, because she didn't spend the money. The attorney tells, "AmEx knows the claim has no merit. We have told them this for a long time. AmEx's law policies allowed fraudulent transactions to be charged to my client's card."Keith Fink, Courtney's lawyer, also tells TMZ that 104 AmEx credit cards were taken out under Courtney's name or the name of her business -- and that all the charges attributed to Courtney weren't made by her. He also said it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out nobody takes out 104 credit cards!
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Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna