The wife of a New Jersey businessman alleging Bruce Springsteen ended his marriage, has denied romancing the famous singer. In court papers, Arthur Kelly claims his wife Ann had a long-running affair with Springsteen and has slept with him "at various times and places too numerous to mention." But an attorney representing the woman at the center of the gossip claims is insisting they are nothing but the "baseless allegations of a jealous man." Lawyer Noel Tonneman insists the only link between his client and Springsteen is that they share the same gym. Tonneman tells People.com the Springsteen story has upset Ann Kelly, who "cannot return to her home because of the news media." The new announcement comes a day after Kelly’s furious father blasted his son-in-law, insisting he and his attorney are "just seeking sensationalism," adding, "They are dredging up mud that doesn’t exist."