Marianne Faithfull

Rock legend Marianne Faithfull boyfriend Francois Ravard has been arrested after an airport fight allegedly turned very violent. The 61-year-old singer and her partner were due to board a plane at London’s Gatwick airport on Friday, to fly to Italy for a planned concert today. But after being informed they were carrying an excessive amount of luggage, Ravard, is said to have become angry, leading to concerns by British Airways staff that he was too "intoxicated" to fly anywhere. He is then alleged to have lashed out at the airport’s duty manager, who had been brought in to calm the bad situation. Police arrived at the scene and Ravard was arrested, while Faithfull was also questioned by cops. The singer was later released and allowed to board the flight ands go on her way. A British Airways spokesman tells the Daily Mirror, "A male customer became aggressive and abusive at check-in when he was refused travel on a flight from Gatwick to Bologna. He appeared to be intoxicated at check-in. "In such circumstances an assessment is made as to whether the passenger is fit to travel. When he was refused travel, he became physically and verbally abusive. Police were called and he was arrested. Such behavior will not be tolerated." A police spokesman has confirmed the incident, but revealed they will not be pressing charges.