Disney star Jamie Lynn Spears boyfriend Casey Aldridge "is doing well" as he recovers from head injuries suffered in a car crash yesterday. Aldridge, who is the father of Jamie's 10-month-old daughter, was airlifted to the emergency room after he swerved into a ditch while driving down a Louisiana highway in the early hours of Sunday morning. Three of the five people riding in the truck, including Aldridge himself, were thrown from the vehicle as it flipped over. Aldridge suffered mild brain trauma and a fractured skull, while another passenger sustained a broken collarbone, and a third injured his hip. According to his uncle, Odus Jackson Alridge, the 20-year-old will not need surgery, although he remains under observation at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, where Jamie Lynn and other family members have rushed to his side. He tells Usmagazine.com, "There was just a little swelling, but he's alert. They're keeping him under precaution for a couple of days to make sure that no bleeding starts, but at the moment he's still resting well and doing well. "I think they're going to keep him under observation for about three days. Doctors are telling him that he should recover to full normalcy. It'll just take some time for it to all heal up -- the brain. As I told somebody, he stepped over a snake, thankfully. Following the crash, Aldridge was slapped with a misdemeanor charge of careless operation of a vehicle, but authorities have declared there was no indication he was drunk or on drugs at the time of the crash. He had attended a cousin's bachelor party prior to the accident.