In this weeks Steppin Out, beauty Simona Fusco tells Chaunce Hayden about her (forgettable) night out with Mickey Rourke.

Simona Fusco On Steppin Out Cover

I know what you think. He seems like the kind of guy how would pull out a knife on you or something. But he just loves to go out and have a good time. One night a bunch of us went out with him and later everyone went back to his house. But he lost the keys to his house, so he climbed up the wall into an open window and then forgot we were all outside waiting for him to open the door. He just passed out on us! He's still so in love with Carrie Otis. When we went out that was all he would talk about. The entire night he just kept talking about her. I couldn't take it anymore. I never met the girl, but it was enough. It's a shame, because he messed it up. But isn't that like all guys. They mess it up and cry afterwards, after she's moved on.