The star of The Real Housewives of New York has been arrested after allegedly assaulting her boyfriend. Kelly Killoren Bensimon, of the television series, was arrested last week and charged with misdemeanor assault after her lover Nicholas Stefanov accused her of punching him during an altercation on Tuesday. The 30-year-old filed a complaint with police and Bensimon turned herself in two days later. She was subsequently released on her own recognizance. Stefanov says in a statement to the New York Daily News, "What are you supposed to do when a girl is hitting you, just sit there like a punching bag? If I had hit her, I'd be sitting in a jail cell right now." The star's lawyer, Stephen Turano, says, "The allegations are by a jilted lover saying she struck him during the course of an argument. We deny the charges, and we are hopeful this will be resolved." The couple broke off their engagement during the alleged fight. Bensimon is due back in court on March 31st.
Photo By: RD/Leon/Retna


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This woman is really out of control