One new band that is just starting to break here on the East Coast is the electronic aggregation ZIGMAT, fronted by the lovely Monica Rodriguez and Stephen Yonkin. This band is a melange of electronics, working with rock 'n roll and r&b. They played at Brooklyn's Southpaw club recently on one of the coldest night's so far this year and almost packed the venue. Their debut release SOUND OF MACHINES will be coming out next month and they played several tracks off it, astounding and delighting the crowd. There were several industry luminaries who made the jaunt to Brooklyn ... and, their pleasure was sent and felt. Zigmat's also performs with a terrific visual show as well. Rodriguez will start singing in English and effortlessly begin speaking Spanish. It's a challenging, yet delightful escapade.They'll appear at Crash Mansion later this month to. Not to show our age here, but they very definitely remind of AUGUST DARNELL and his brilliant KID CROLE AND THE COCONUTS revue which went onto great acclaim worldwide. A Times Square Gossip pick-to-clip for sure!