Singing star Miley Cyrus traded in her classic Porsche birthday present for an eco-friendly Toyota Prius , because she felt like a hypocrite behind the wheel of a gas guzzler. Miley was handed the keys to her mother's Porsche when she turned 16 in November, but now her father has bought her a green Prius, and Cyrus couldn't be more relieved. Speaking to Los Angeles DJ Ryan Seacrest on his breakfast show, she explained, "First of all, the Porsche is really hard to drive. ... This thing is really huge. "I'm really into the environment; I'm always telling people to get more into it and there are different ways to stay green and then I'm driving, like, this big ol' tank and I'm like, 'That could not be any more hypocritical.'" But, after selling the sports car to a family friend, Cyrus' dad Billy Ray decided to take his daughter car shopping, and, at first, he wasn't sold on the idea of buying her a Prius. Miley adds, "He thought it was a chick car, so he didn't like it that much, and it is a chick car."


Anonymous said…
Yeah, I've heard of Miley trading her mom's old car. I think it's nice of her to do so. Her popularity can be used to an advantage: promoting green cars and saving the environment.