In this weeks Steppin' Out magazine, "Dollhouse" star, Eliza Dushku tells Chaunce Hayden about her pubescent run in with Academy Award nominee Mickey Rourke..... she also clears the air about her rumored romance with Seth MacFarlane and about her serious crush on George Clooney!... you listening George?

Eliza Dushku Steppin Out Cover


CHAUNCE HAYDEN: Mickey Rourke has made an amazing comeback with “The Wrestler”. But is it true that when you were just 14 years old he hit on you?

ELIZA DUSHKU: I don't know if he knew how old I was and don't know if what he did he would call hitting on me. We were both getting our hair cut in a salon in Beverly Hills and he definitely slipped me a few Marlboro's and asked me where I was going that night. It was definitely provocative for a 14 year old. But keep in mind at 12 years old I was playing a 14 year old and at 14 year old I was carrying on like I was 25. So I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he had no idea how old I was.


I didn't have a relationship with Seth MacFarlane! We were friends and we hung out and did a duet of the theme song from “Little Shop of Horrors” and made out one night. But it was reported that we were dating before that even happened. That's just another pure example of the media taking unbelievable liberty and printing something that's not true.


CHAUNCE HAYDEN: Okay, I'm not letting you go without getting the truth about George Clooney. Do you really have a mad crush on him?

ELIZA DUSHKU: (Laughs) You heard about that? Of course I do!

CHAUNCE HAYDEN: What's so great about George Clooney?

ELIZA DUSHKU: Come on! Do you really need to ask that question? Let's see, he's a movie star, good looking, intelligent, charming, has a sense of humor, sexy…do I need to go on?

CHAUNCE HAYDEN: Better then Brad Pitt?

ELIZA DUSHKU: For me, absolutely! He's all man and all sexy to me!

CHAUNCE HAYDEN: So if he calls you tomorrow it's on?

ELIZA DUSHKU: Well, he'll have to bring some game, because I'm not too bad myself!