Former talk show host Rosie O'Donnell gave her children a Christmas gift. The outspoken O'Donnell say's she quit drinking beer. Rosie has revealed she stopped drinking on December 1st after her teenage son, Parker, refused to get her a beer from the refrigerator. She says, "I was with my son, who is now 13, and I said to him, 'Park, can you get me a beer?' and he said, 'No, I don't want to.' And I said, 'Really, why not?' And he says, 'Because .. I think you drink too much beer." "I said 'You know, when I was a kid -- when I was 22 -- I stopped drinking for, like, eight years.' He goes, 'Well, maybe you should do that again.'" And when O'Donnell revealed she'd struggle with sobriety, her son suggested she seek help. She tells television talk show hostess Tyra Banks, "He said, 'There's a drunk club. I forget what it's called, but you have to, like, be really drunk to get in. I don't know if they'd let you in, but you could ask them for tips.'"

Photo By: RD / Eckstein / Retna Digital


Anonymous said…
Won't work. She is not really not into stopping her drink. Shame because she is so irresponsible with kids.