Hollywood star Peter Falk is well enough remain at home with his wife, according to a court official overseeing the famed television actor’s conservatorship case. Falk is 81 years old, had adopted daughter, Catherine Falk. She filed papers in December claiming her father has dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and can no longer care for himself. She requested the court name her his conservator, but Falk’s second wife, Shera, fought back by filing her own court papers last month insisting he should be allowed to remain at home with her. And, after meeting with Falk at his Beverly Hills home, a court-appointed attorney has declared the actor’s estate does not need to be placed under a conservatorship, according to papers obtained by Clark R. Byam also met with the star’s wife, business manager and other individuals to come to his conclusion, telling the Los Angeles Superior Court in a report filed on Thursday, that Falk was "well-dressed, clean and composed". Byam also says Shera Falk should control her husband’s affairs if a conservatorship is needed. A hearing on the case is scheduled for Monday.
Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna