Hollywood star and Cancer survivor Patrick Swayze is confirming his plans to write a tell-all memoir with his wife Lisa Niemi, and he promises it will be "deeply personal". A statement from Atria Books bosses, who will publish the book, reads, "The book will offer an intimate account of Patrick Swayze's childhood, career and marriage, as well as his brave fight against a diagnosis of stage-four pancreatic cancer, from which he has gleaned wisdom and has remained resolutely optimistic. "Swayze's wife Lisa Niemi, will give insight into the intensity of her experience and the enormity of helping a loved one battle a life-threatening disease." Swayze himself adds, "With everything I've been fortunate enough to do in my life, and covering such a wide range of diverse subject matters, I am told that my story has been inspirational to people."I will write from my heart about these experiences and, aside from the sheer pleasure of doing it, if people happen to garner inspiration from it, or incentive, or find a new way to love, it would be wonderful."
Photos By: Sara De Boer/Retna