Tim George Jr.

Tim George Jr. has been attracted to cars and speed ever since his father put him in the back of his 1967 Corvette Stingray, at the young age of eight. Born and raised in the commotion of New York City, Tim George Jr. found himself seeking high-octane experiences. He is a man of opposite extremes, from helicopter snowboarding to golfing, he has always been focused on his fitness level, and is a certified fitness professional. Though Tim does not work as a personal trainer, the muscle knowledge has helped him develop far beyond most drivers. Being serious about his endurance level, Tim George Jr. does not feel complete without an adrenaline rush each day. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Tim also enjoys playing chess and writing. He has an interest in trading stocks, as he once had experience trading on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Graduating from the University of Miami with a BA in English and a Double Minor in History and Economics, Tim has much to offer besides his physical ability and attractive looks. He was drawn to motorsports in 2004, when his passion for cooking led him to cater events for the Ferrari Challenge Series in hopes of someday owning his own restaurant. While attending the University of Miami, he drove in the Skip Barber Race Series and practiced with professional karts. After graduating college, he moved on to drive in the Grand-American Koni Challenge Series and had a podium experience in his first season of professional motorsports. Tim quickly moved up to compete in one of the highest forms of sports car racing in the world, the Grand-Am Rolex Series with The Racer’s Group. He earned the title of 2008 MESCO “Building for the Future” Rolex Rookie of the Year, and finished an impressive fourth place in the Rolex GT Championship. Tim George Jr. is making the switch full-time to a NASCAR development program, and will be driving for Eddie Sharp Racing. The team has a proven track record of taking young talent and bringing them clear to the top of the sport, in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Tim will take over the #2 Toyota of Scott Speed, and will compete in the full ARCA Re/Max schedule with some possible NASCAR Truck and Nationwide races TBA. Tim owns his own company, Tim George Jr. Racing, LLC. Merchandise sales and sponsor dollars go into the LLC, and racing related expenses and services come out. is updated frequently with news, press, and racing results.
Photo By: Jack Watson


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
One of the most arogant people I have ever seen....Will never make it in NASCAR!!
Anonymous said…
cross eyed toll box!!!
claims to be from NYC?? He grew up in Westchester!!!
Anonymous said…
Get a life and stop being envious