Lamar Fike

While LAMAR FIKE was working with ELVIS PRESLEY, as part of The King's Memphis Mafia ... he was also putting together a plan for a new singer ... someone named BRENDA LEE. She went onto sell 90 million records and was the darling of Nashville for many, many years. Fike accompanied Lee to most of her shows, and she recounts a funny story in her autobiography LITTLE MISS DYNAMITE, released by Hyperion Books, "We played a gag on Lamar one night. After the show one night, he left his briefcase sitting in the middle of the dance floor. We got it and it had about $20,000 in it. In those days you carried the cash around with you until you got home ...the road manager always carried it. When he came back to get it, we pretended it was gone ... he almost had a heart attack." Fike says, "Brenda was just a plain little girl ... but, when she walked out from behind those curtains and the spotlight hit her ... she was totally transformed." At Sunday night's Grammy Awards she was presented with a Lifetime Grammy Achievement Award, by Sheryl Crow and LeAnn Rimes ... in 8 seconds! Fike, who's book AN UNCOMMON JOURNEY: ON ELVIS PRESLEY BOULEVARD is out in the spring feels she should have been flown in.