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We Just wanted to let you know that now, along with MTV’s “The Hills,” fans can watch complete episodes of the spin-off, “The City!” Above you’ll find a link to the dedicated show page as well as a specific episode. All episodes are available in the Joost embeddable player in their entirety every week.It's also a whole new world for 'The Hills' star Whitney Port, as she packs up and moves from the comforts of her hometown in Los Angeles, California, to the bright lights of Manhattan. With a great new job at global design house, Diane Von Furstenberg, a best friend from her past and a guy she's head-over-heels for, Whitney is taking a huge chance at a brand new life. Surrounded by all new friends, pursuing a fresh love life, and starting to work in the upper echelon of the fashion industry is a lot to navigate for a new girl in the big city... especially one who has everything to lose.