Ryan O' Neal

Former Hollywood star Ryan O'Neal has been sentenced to undergo 18 months of rehabilitation treatment after pleading guilty to drug possession. The 67-year-old and his son Redmond, 23, appeared in court on today to enter pleas relating to their September arrest at their Malibu, California home, when police discovered methamphetamines on Redmond’s person and in Ryan’s bedroom during a police raid. If the Oscar-nominated star completes the program, he will have the charge wiped from his record. However, he must not possess any controlled substances and cannot associate with any known drug users outside of his family during that time. O’Neal Sr. had previously denied using drugs, with his lawyer Mark Werksman saying at the time of the arrest: "The drugs found in Ryan’s bedroom were Redmond’s. He had confiscated them from Redmond. He was trying to keep them away from his son." Now Werksman tells People.com, "Ryan was anxious to move on with his life with privacy and dignity and that’s what we’re trying to do here today." Redmond, who has a history of drug abuse, is facing the same charge, and is due back in court on February 20th when his case will continue.
Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna