Sexy Pink is still struggling to come to terms with her breakup from hubby Carey Hart last year and has promised to "give him away" if he ever weds once again. The pop star parted ways with motocross racer Hart in February after two years of marriage. Pink and Carey have remained close since the split, with Pink even opting to ring in New Year's Eve with her ex, but she is admitting she’s being realistic about their future together, and has offered to play a vital part in any future wedding of Hart’s. She tells Seventeen magazine, "It’s up and down. You have strong moments, and you have weak moments. But it’s not just been devastating it’s been freedom, too. "I told him that I would give him away at his next wedding." However, Pink recently confessed she’s still legally wed to the tattooed action sports star, because she has yet to sign the divorce papers.
Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna