Kate Moss

Old Model Kate Moss allegedly upset her neighbors with a wild 35th birthday party. The police were called twice to her London home following complaints about the load noise. Following a very private party with friends and rocker boyfriend Jamie Hince at London’s Dorchester Hotel on Thursday night, Moss carried on celebrations with a medieval-themed party at her home in North London. The party went on into the early morning, with upset neighbors also calling the council to complain. One neighbor told the British newspaper The Mail on Sunday that Kate's party stopped her three young babies from sleeping, and it was not the first time. The neighbor says, "Several of us complained. It was just so uncomfortable. It’s been like that since she moved here last summer; on and off. I had to take the kids to another bedroom because of the noise. I phoned the council to complain." But visits from the police and Camden Council anti-noise patrols didn’t deter the former beauty and her celebrity friends, with another resident complaining that as soon as the council were out of sight the music was turned up loud again. The resident says, "All my family were trying to sleep so I complained to the council. They turned up just before 1 a.m. but as soon as they left it went up again and went on until (I was) gone (at) 7 a.m."
Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna