John Brand

We keep telling everyone to watch out for this young teen star John Brand, who is going to shake up the modeling world. We have been running into him all over New York City and not only is he a nice kid, he also has the looks to make it in this tough business. We ran into him the other day while we were looking for DVD's at Virgin Records in Times Square. We were surprised when we glanced at the game room and there he was trying to play Rock Band Two, surrounded by girls asking for his autograph. It was even more funny watching him try to play the game at the same time he was signing for the teen girls. Later that night we ran into him again at McDonalds on 42nd street and he was once again cornered by fans. We asked him what is going on with his career? It seems he has several big modeling agencies that want to sign him up. He also has a fashion company that wants him to do a huge spread. We asked him what he was going to do and he told us that he's in no hurry to sign with anyone right now unless he feels the company will represent what he is in real life. He does not want to be a fake. He wants to be in the business, but at the same time he's in no hurry to make stupid mistakes just to get on some cover. He say's he has time to do it all and wants it to be right. We agree. We think he is going to be a huge star with his many looks and his nice personality.
Photos By: James Edstrom