Kate Winslet

Sexy British star Kate Winslet keeps the romance alive in her happy marriage by arranging two dates a week with her husband Sam Mendes. The Hollywood couple married in 2003 and, with parenting and film work, they get very little time to themselves. But Winslet is determined to make sure she gets plenty of alone time with her husband in order to keep their marriage fresh and exciting, and to get away from the pressures of work. She tells Elle magazine, "You have to work at a marriage. The best things always involve some effort. We aim to have two date nights a week, but always end up doing one."I don’t dress up or anything, we just have a nice meal somewhere, share a bottle of wine and talk. "Sometimes it’s just about getting out of the house. We do loads of lovely meals with the kids, but every now and again you need to get out of the house together, go and be a couple, have a laugh."
Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna