Daria Musk

The one thing a new music artist still has to do is get their message out to the people. New PR-firm-on-the-block, ABSOLUTE PITCH PUBLIC RELATIONS, whose mission statement is to work with the emerging, or DIY-artist (Do-It-Yourself) artist, is finding their phones ringing off the hook.Says owner/founder BEATRICE BUGNOSEN, "Despite the current economic situation, it is actually one of the best moments ever for a new artist. The playing field has been leveled to the point where even a 'new' artist has a genuine shot. Of course, the bigger artists, like a Beyonce, will get more traction because of more ads and commercials, but the life of this industry has always been identifying the new artists ... and new music."Using her background in marketing and promotion, Bugnosen and APPR has taken full advantage of the new media, including viral videos, and live shows at some of the emerging new music clubs in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and in Manhattan. The firm has had success with artists like JOSH KELLEY (married to Grey's Anatomy actress Katherine Heigl); ALEXA WILKINSON; and some of their newer artists, like electronic/rock aggregation ZIGMAT (who are playing Wednesday night at Southpaw in Williamsburg); singer/songwriter DARIA MUSK, who has worked with producer BOB POWER (Indie.Arie; Angie Stone; Eryka Badu); and, JERRY CHERRY look to break through. Welcome aboard Bea! Click Here To Visit Their Website....
Photo By: Colins Photography