Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Hollywood star Jason Biggs has finally married actress girlfriend Jenny Mollen at a small ceremony in Los Angeles California.The couple wed at City Hall on April 23rd, without family or friends attending. A source tells Star Magazine, "Jason and Jenny agreed that they did not want to deal with the whole family thing because it would have been too stressful on both of them "They thought it would be a lot more relaxing to do it just the two of them with no pressure. It was a very private wedding and that is exactly how they wanted it." The couple met on the set of upcoming movie My Best Friend’s Girl and have been dating for nine months.They are currently on honeymoon in Hawaii.


Pop star Jamie Lynn Spears mom Lynn has let slip that the pregnant actress is expecting a baby girl.The underage star stunned the world when she confirmed she was expecting her first child in December, and now her mother Lynne has been overheard telling friends the baby will be her first granddaughter. A source tells America’s Life & Style magazine, "I heard Lynne talking about Jamie Lynn’s baby. She said Jamie Lynn and the baby’s dad (Casey Aldridge) were so excited when they found out it’s a girl." The proud mom, who is grandmother to eldest daughter Britney Spears’ two sons - Sean Preston and Jayden James, also gave up Jamie Lynn’s nursery secrets.The witness adds, "She is going to do the nursery in white, black and yellow." The baby is reportedly due in June.


Kelly Carlson

Kelly Carlson was all smiles as she did some shopping at the Chanel Clothing Boutique yesterday in Beverly Hills, California. Kelly wore a white shirt with skinny jeans and dark sunglasses. She looks really skinny and could that be a wig on her head? Her hair looks bigger than her whole body. Just Saying.....


Eva Longoria And Hubby Tony Parker

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker have lunch at Toast Restaurant the other day in West Hollywood, California. Eva and Tony shared a hug as they waited for their car. Eva does not look like she even combed her hair while Tony is dressed like a thug. Whatever happened to the Star Studded look ?
Photo By: ClickSnap/BuzzFoto


Sexy Hollywood star Hugh Jackman had to thank a photographer for helping him find his lost son on a California beach.The actor was at the beach in Malibu with kids Oscar, eight, Ava, two, when Oscar disappeared.He tells the National Enquirer, "I’d sat down with my two kids, we were playing - and all of a sudden he’s gone. I’m freaking out. I start running down the beach, and I can see this guy running behind me. I turn around - and it’s a paparazzi."So I think ‘Oh, no. That’s all I need - I’ve lost my kid and this guy’s going to take pictures of me hysterical." But the celebrity snapper actually helped save the day. "(He said) ‘Hugh! Hugh! Listen mate, there’s your son. Over there.’ "I looked around and saw my little boy. That paparazzi (sic) was really child minding. I guess those guys do come in handy occasionally."


A videotape that allegedly shows sexy Hollywood star Angelina Jolie snorting and smoking heroin has been offered for sale at a hefty price. A source tells the National Enquirer the tape shows Jolie, before she was famous, doing drugs with her friends.The famous actress has admitted using hard drugs in the past. She once said, "I’ve done coke, heroin, ecstasy, LSD everything. I hate heroin because I’ve been fascinated with it. I’m not immune, but I won’t do it now, at all." But now video proof could damage her career and reputation as a huge charity campaigner.The National Enquirer’s source claims the tape’s owner is seeking $70,000 for its sale and is telling the tabloid, "It appears to be from the 1990s, right before Angelina was breaking out in films like Gia and Girl, Interrupted, which won her an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress."The key part of the tape is Angelina doing heroin. She says, ‘Wow, this is really good smack - not that cheap crap that’s been stepped on.’ "Angelina is seen sniffing white lines from a plate, and then as the drug cooks on tinfoil, she deeply sucks in its smoke through a tube."


Patti Labelle

It was something of a dream come true for any true New Yorker; MICKY DOLENZ playing with NILE RODGERS and his outfit CHIC. As any dance music fan knows, CHIC really ruled the musical roost in the 80s ... not only with their string of hits, including, "Everybody Dance", "Le Freak", "Good Times", and, "I Want Your Love", but, Rodger's sterling productions for SISTER SLEDGE; DAVID BOWIE; MADONNA; DIANA ROSS; GRACE JONES; DEBBIE HARRY; and, DURAN DURAN. His "He's The Greatest Dancer" was/is a personal favorite! But, last night, at his yearly WE ARE FAMILY event, they saluted PATTI LABELLE; DEEPAK CHOPRA; and, Gibson's HENRY JUSZKIEWICZ, at the Hammerstein Ballroom.Once all the business was taken care of, including a raffle presided over by Rodgers; WAFF's NANCY HUNT and SLASH ... the music got started.First off, Patti Labelle came onstage with her LABELLE-sisters SARAH DASH and NONA HENDRX. The performed "Lady Marmalade"(which was originally released in December, 1974) and announced they had officially reformed and a CD would be out later this year. Always a great song, the original was produced by New Orleans' ALLEN TOUSSAINT, this year's version was amazingly powerful ... and, Patti showed she had not lost one iota of vocal power. The other girls were good, but, Patti blew them away.At 63, she is a force of nature.
Then came MICKY DOLENZ, who performed "Last Train To Clarksville", "Pleasant Valley Sunday", and, closed with a rousing "I'm A Believer." We here at TSG are huge fans of the Monkee-man, but, last night he performed at a new peak. I don't know if it was the sterling musicianship all around him, or what ... but, he delivered like never before. Turns out Nile was a major-Monkee fan back in the day, and as he introduced Dolenz, he could hardly contain his enthusiasm. Hey boys, here's a thought: How about a Rodgers/Dolenz project? Hmmmmm ... could be very good indeed.Seen scattered about the lovely Hammerstein, were, Fox News' ROGER FRIEDMAN; GLORIA VANDRBILT; TONY BENNETT; Independent Entertainment's STUART GROSS; Tommy Boy's TOM SILVERMAN; SOPRANO-BOBBY FUNARO; PR Pasha, DAVID SALIDOR; the DAILY NEWS' GEORGE RUSH; and, SUZAN KRESSEL. A terrific evening for a very, very good cause!


Opie And Anthony

Yesterday Gregg "Opie" Hughes from the Opie and Anthony XM radio show in New York City had a melt down on the air over being named "Asshole Of The Week" in Steppin Out magazine. Hughes got very heated with his side kick Anthony Cumia over the article by Chaunce Hayden and eventually walked off the show. To hear the fight, just click on the link at end of story. Below is the Steppin Out story that hits news stands tomorrow.



Gregg “Opie” Hughes of the Opie and Anthony 92.3K-Rock radio show (the lowest rated morning show in New York City) is furious at me for publishing a story about an alleged sex tape starring his fiance Lindsey and MTV’s favorite “Jackass” Bam Margera. There’s only one problem, dopey Opie never bothered to pickup a copy of Steppin’ Out to see what we reported or even if the story had ever been published. Um, it hadn’t. Last week Page Six of the New York Post published an item that yours truly was planning on writing a story on the alleged sex tape in an upcoming issue. Page Six was correct. However, what Opie and Bam failed to do was return my request for a comment regarding the sex tape rumor. So the Steppin’Out story was killed. Despite our efforts to get the facts, Opie chose to humiliate his fiance by using the item as a ratings grabber and turning a small mention in Page Six into two days of on-air fireworks. Opie even went so far as to lie about the time he called me on the phone several hours after I interviewed both him and his partner Anthony Cumia for Penthouse magazine and ask if I would change one of their answers. The question was, “Who invented ‘Whip them out Wednesdays (WOW)”? Anthony answered, “We both did.” Later that day Opie called my office and cried how sick he was of Anthony always saying, “We invented WOW.” He asked that I change the answer to read, “I invented WOW years before Anthony and I met.” Which I gladly did. Last week Opie denied the call ever took place. Really? All one need do is read the interview in the January 2001 issue of Penthouse for confirmation. But getting back to the subject at hand...the alleged sex tape.Two weeks ago I was contacted by a former O&A staff member who informed me that there was a sex tape involving Opie’s fiance and Bam Margera and that the tape (allegedly now owned by another former staff member of the O&A Show) was going to be sold on the Internet in the coming weeks. I was told that Lindsey and Bam were allegedly “doing the nasty” on the video tape and that it was made prior to Opie meeting Lindsey. Since the Page Six item came out, all parties involved have denied the video tape exists. I also believe that there is no sex video since nobody has come forward to present the evidence to the media. Now the question has to be asked, “Why do so many ex-staffers hate Opie so much that they feel the need to embarrass him any chance they get?” Well, judging from the lies Opie so easily tells over his airwaves, from this reporter’s perspective it’s easy to see why.For more on this story, you can hear me interviewed on Internet radio at The Opie and Anthony Show is now officially the lowest rated morning radio show in New York City with a 1.7 rating behind WWFS. You can also hear Opie's rants about Steppin Out Magazine by clicking here !

Tuesday, April 29, 2008





We don't understand how client number 9, Eliot Spitzer's call girl Ashley Dupre can even think about filing lawsuits against Girls Gone Wild and nice guy Joe Francis. It seems everyone these days is trying to make a buck off Francis. The above video clearly shows Dupre agreeing to be on Girls Gone Wild and she is very excited. She say's that she is 18 years old and shows producers her ID and the producers filmed the ID. If anything, Francis should file a suit against her for his lawyers fees and any other expenses he has had because of her false charge.



Cartoon classic The Simpsons has been named the best comedy Television show of all time in a new poll. Editors at AOL Television named the long-running animation top of a list of 50 of the greatest small screen funnies, claiming, "The townsfolk of Springfield... have become engrained into modern pop culture." Seinfeld was named second, followed by All in the Family, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Cheers.





Uma Thurman

Hollywood star Uma Thurman cried and shook with terror after alleged stalker Jack Jordan tried to force his way into her movie set trailer, the stars’ wardrobe assistant testified on the first day of the alleged stalker’s trial yesterday. Joseph La Corte told the jury at New York City Manhattan Supreme Court how the two minders had to block Jordan, and how Thurman was left hysterical by the episode in November 2005. He said, "Her hands were shaking, she was soaked (from tears). She couldn’t sit still." Thurman’s former personal assistant Lisa Grondin also revealed how the trauma caused her to take up smoking again. Jordan is also accused of sending letters and notes to Thurman while she shot My Super Ex-Girlfriend in the city; in one, threatening to kill himself is she didn’t date him. Another read, "My hands should be on your body at all times." After pleading not guilty to misdemeanour stalking, aggravated harassment and felony coercion, Jordan’s lawyer contended that his letters were not illegal, telling the court, "(Jordan) does not think the way you and I think. He doesn’t know the boundaries you and I know. He thinks it’s romantic." Thurman was scheduled to testify today. The case continues.


Pete Wentz

Sexy Pete Wentz finds it hard to relax while on vacation, because he can’t switch off his work.The Fall Out Boy bassist is constantly in demand due to his hectic work commitments and often emails contacts through his beloved Blackberry cell phone while sunning himself on the beach. He says, "Having no emails to chase or no phone calls to make doesn’t make me crazy. But, if I’m on vacation on the beach, then I find it hard to put down my Blackberry."I need someone to physically take it from me. Even when that happens, my mind will be thinking about things."


Television star Patrick Dempsey is mad he lost out to sexy Matt Damon in a recent ‘World’s Sexiest Man’ poll. The 42-year-old claims he keeps fit and eats a healthy diet and is the perfect candidate to beat heartthrobs Damon or George Clooney to the number one position. Demspey has even vowed to call the actors to tell them to "step aside" for next year’s competitions - because he is so desperate to win. He tells British magazine Closer, "I think this has to be my year. I’m always pipped to the top by one of those guys. I’m constantly number two. "I’m going to call George and Matt and tell them to let me have it - they should step aside for one year and let me win. I deserve it because I’m not eating bread or sugar and I’m keeping my hair good too."


Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow has been left with permanent numbness in one of her legs after breaking her knee while making the new movie Iron Man. Trooper Gwyneth, tried to keep acting on through the pain, before discovering the injury needed surgery. She says, "I broke my knee - because I’m a moron and I’m always bashing into things by accident. I’ve broken my toes 30 times."I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I bashed my knee, it really hurt." The accident even caused a bust-up with director John Favreau, who was convinced she was exaggerating her pain: "I kept exercising and running around in the movie. Then it really started to expand. In one scene I’m running away from Ironmonger - the bad Iron Man - and I said to John, ‘My knee is really hurting, I don’t know how many times I can do this.’ He was rolling his eyes, saying ‘you’re fine’."But I went to the doctor and I had a fracture so bad they had to do surgery the next day. They put cement in there! So I felt very smug and he apologised."It still doesn’t feel right. I had a nerve problem. My legs don’t feel the same. Sometimes it happens with surgery. If I get a wax, one leg hurts more than the other."


Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan showed up at the Scarlet Series Launch Party yesterday in West Hollywood, California. I know I'm going to get some comments and e-mails, but we think Lindsay looks great in this colorful outfit. Her shoes and nails match and the only other thing that would make the picture better would be if Lindsay were holding her so called water bottle.


David Beckham

Sexy soccer star David Beckham will follow in the footsteps of Robert DeNiro and Jamie Foxx, and pop singer James Blunt and will appear in the children's television show Sesame Street.The LA Galaxy player filmed a guest role in the show, teaching a new word to fluffy red host Elmo, last week. A source tells British newspaper The Sun, "David has always been a huge fan of the show. He was more than happy to go on. He had a great time filming. A real laugh."


Singer Hilary Duff is speaking out about Miley Cyrus and is refusing to judge her decision to pose for the controversial photos in Vanity Fair magazine and insists she wouldn’t have made the same mistake.The photos which show 15-year-old Cyrus posing topless under a blanket, have caused outrage and is forcing the singer to apologize, and claim she was duped into the shots. Duff, 20, agrees Cyrus was probably pushed into posing and that her apology should be accepted. She says, "Everyone goes through things and takes their own path. Who am I to judge decisions that she made? "People are pushing you to do something, and if you want to do it, that’s your choice, you know? It’s not what I would choose to do, but if she did then that’s fine. That’s her choice."And she said she is sorry - she is allowed to be sorry."


Former Hollywood star Mel Gibson has signed up to play a police investigator in Edge Of Darkness his first feature film role since his arrest for drink driving in 2006.Gibson's last starring role was in 2002’s Signs, but he has kept a low profile since hitting the headlines for using anti-Semitic language during a DUI arrest near his home in Malibu, California. In the thriller, based on a 1985 BBC miniseries, Gibson will play a cop who uncovers corruption in the legal system while investigating the death of his activist daughter, reports Daily Variety. Filming on the independently financed project, to be directed by Casino Royale filmmaker Martin Campbell, begins in Boston, Massachusetts in August.


Times Square Gossip On Aol


Once again Times Square Gossip is in the news. In the short time we have been writing this gossip page, we have been written about in The New York Post, The New York Daily News and many other publications. We a have been on Sirius radio hundreds of times as well as Mancow, The Rude Awakening Show and MSNBC. We are the real deal, unlike other top name blogs that really have no idea what this business is about, but have found fame the easy way. We worked for it. We have been photographing celebrities for over 20 years and our adventures have been profiled on 60 Minutes, Extra, Howard Stern, Hard Copy, Entertainment Tonight, Fox News, Good Day NY, USA Today, Page Six, Rush And Molloy, People Magazine, CNBC, Star Magazine, Newsday, The London Sun, National Enquirer and many more. Our photos have been published across the world in almost every publication and television show. We work hard to make the pages look great and we don't throw it together with something drooling on someones chin. We have been in this business for years and we know the good, the bad and the sometimes very ugly.


Amy Winehouse

Arrested star Amy Winehouse has been cautioned by the British police after confessing to allegations of assault.The singer, 24, is reported to have headbutted a man outside a pub in Camden, north London in the early hours of Wednesday, after a wild party night out.Winehouse was arrested on suspicion of assault on Friday when she voluntarily turned herself in to authorities at London's Holborn Police Station to be quizzed about the incident. She was held in custody overnight after a doctor ruled she was "in no fit state" to be questioned. But, after explaining her actions to police on Saturday morning, she was released without charge.In a statement, the star's spokesman says, "Amy Winehouse was questioned this morning at a London police station in connection to an incident in Camden in the early hours of April 23, 2008."She admitted to a common assault by slapping a man with an open hand and accepted a caution."Amy was fully co-operative with inquiries and apologized for the incident.She thanked the police for their professional handling of the matter.There will be no further action taken."Amy is looking forward to continuing her work on new music in the studio."The caution means that although Winehouse escaped any formal prosecution, the incident will remain on record and could count against her if she faces any similar allegations in the future.


Angie Everhart

Troubled Angie Everhart has been arrested for drunk driving, just days after breaking up from longtime boyfriend Joe Pesci.The 38-year-old was arrested shortly after 2 a.m. last week in Los Angeles California after failing a sobriety test. According to TMZ, Everhart persuaded police officers to allow her to use the toilet in a nearby restaurant before taking the test, which she subsequently failed. She is also reported to have refused to do any chemical testing because she claimed her attorney had told her not to.Everhart was held on $15,000 bail but was released later that day. She is due in court on May 15th. It hasn't been a good seven days for Sylvester Stallone's ex -- last week, Pesci ended his engagement to Everhart, nine months after proposing. The couple had been together for seven years.


Jailed drug addict Pete Doherty is seeking peace in the teachings of Islam, as he serves his 14-week sentence in a London prison.The Babyshambles frontman has been incarcerated at Wormwood Scrubs jail since April 8, after breaking the terms of his probation from prior drug arrests. But, according to reports, he has now turned to the Koran in a bid to turn his drug-addled lifestyle around. A close pal tells U.K. newspaper The Sun, "He's been reading the Koran since he went into segregation."He's got a lot of Muslim friends and they've been on at him for ages to study it. Now he's on his own he's got time on his hands to study it."I'm surprised how much it has calmed him down as he was very on edge inside. He definitely seems more chilled. He's really interested in it. I think it's helping him in there." Doherty was recently put in an isolated cell after prison authorities thwarted a group of fellow inmates' plots to assault him.

Monday, April 28, 2008


Joe Francis

Joe Francis issued the following statement to Times Square Gossip today in response to a lawsuit allegedly filed by Ashley Dupré. We at Times Square Gossip think the governor's hooker should go strut her used stuff on the other corner like all the other trash.

“We were very surprised and in fact amazed today that Ms. Dupré filed a lawsuit against Girls Gone Wild. We have not publicly released any new video of Ms. Dupré, due to corporate policy of not using footage of individuals younger than 18. It is incomprehensible that Ms. Dupré could claim she did not give her consent to be filmed by Girls Gone Wild, when in fact we have videotape of her giving consent, while showing her identification. We did in fact offer Ashley via her New York attorney $1 Million to host and promote various Girls Gone Wild activities – She refused this offer and in fact if she’d like to reconsider, we’d be happy to discuss. She should keep in mind, it’s considerably more than the Governor of New York paid her, and our activities aren’t illegal,” said Joe Francis, CEO of Girls Gone Wild.

“She’s seeking $10 Million for topless photos taken in front of a room full of people, including two newspapers and multiple crews we had in the room. These images were taken in public places and contain no sexual contact. We expect to triumph in this matter and continue to offer the best and hottest girls,” added Francis.

Video of Ms. Dupré giving her consent will be available on-line imminently.


Miley Cyrus In Vanity Fair

Singing superstar Miley Cyrus has issued an apology after Vanity Fair magazine put a semi-naked photo of the star on its front cover. The teen superstar is insisting she is "embarrassed" by the images.The 15-year-old posed for the photo shoot wearing nothing but a blanket wrapped around her chest. But the pictures, taken by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz are causing outrage around the country. And Cyrus now admits she regrets going ahead with the magazine shoot. She says, "For Vanity Fair, I was so honored and thrilled to work with Annie (Leibovitz). I took part in a photo shoot that was supposed to be ‘artistic’ and now, seeing the photographs and reading the story, I feel so embarrassed."I never intended for any of this to happen and I apologize to my fans who I care so deeply about." Speaking about the other set of photographs which ended up on the web, she says, "The pictures of me on the Internet were silly, inappropriate shots."I hope (my fans) understand that along the way I am going to make mistakes and I am not perfect. I never intended for any of this to happen and I am truly sorry if I have disappointed anyone."Most of all, I have let myself down." Disney Channel bosses have also condemned the Vanity Fair images - accusing the publication of creating "a situation was created to deliberately manipulate a 15-year-old in order to sell magazines." But Vanity Fair has defended the shoot, insisting the images were given the green light by the star, her parents and her management. A spokesman tells Us Weekly magazine, "Miley’s parents and/or minders were on the set all day."Since the photo was taken digitally, they saw it on the shoot and everyone thought it was a beautiful and natural portrait of Miley."


Singing star Mariah Carey is sparking rumors that she is engaged to boyfriend Nick Cannon after sporting a ring on her wedding finger at the TriBeCa Film Festival in New York City.The star has been dating Cannon since he teamed up with her in a new video.Both stars are at the film festival in to promote their movies; Cannon’s basketball film Ball Don’t Lie and Carey’s Tennessee.The couple made every attempt not to be spotted together at the festival. But Carey was happy to pose for photographs with a diamond ring on her wedding finger, adding to speculation she is to marry for the second time.


Troubled singer Whitney Houston once again disappointed fans at a concert in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago yesterday, when she lost her voice.The pop diva was nearing the end of a 30-minute performance at the Plymouth Jazz Festival when her voice became so raspy she was unable to hit the high notes of her hit single I Will Always Love You. And the star’s vocal problems was not her only embarrassment of the evening.The star, who cashed in a reported $3 million for the little gig, gave her thanks to the crowd at the show’s finale, shouting repeatedly, "I love you, Trinidad," despite performing in the southern Caribbean island of Tobago.


Calvin Harris

Scottish DJ Calvin Harris feels very let down by British Airways after the airline lost his suitcase in the recent baggage chaos at London’s Heathrow airport insisting the compensation he was offered was "nothing significant". The Acceptable In The 80s star lost a bag when returning from America last month, and it contained a computer laptop storing most of his new album. Heathrow’s new Terminal 5 building was immediately plunged into chaos on its opening day when problems with new baggage-handling systems left over 15,000 passengers without their luggage. And although Harris’ bag was eventually found, everything in it was ruined.He says, "They lost my laptop at Terminal 5 but when they found it everything came back mouldy. My clothes were sodden, my music was damp, it sounded s**t.



Rock legend Meatloaf's song Bat Out Of Hell, has been voted the all-time best driving song by British motorists.The 1979 track came top of a poll of more than 2,000 motorists in the United Kingdom. Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody came in at number two, with Steppenwolf’s Born To Be Wild at number three and Don’t Stop Me Now, also by Queen, at number four.


Halle Berry

Halle Berry attended The Silver Rose Gala And Auction Honorees Luncheon at the famed Beverly Hills Hotel the other day in Beverly Hills, California. Halle was making her first public appearance since giving birth. Also showing up to help support this great cause was powerhouse lawyer Gloria Allred and Tonight Show Host Jay Leno. All proceeds from the fundraiser will benefit the women and children of the Jenesse Center, a non profit organization that provides a holistic, comprehensive program to nurture victimized families back to a place of mental, financial, physical and emotional well being.
Gloria Allred Looks Fantastic


Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry goes to see a movie by himself at the Arclight Theater the other night in Hollywood, California. We don't know what to make of this photo. He looks terrible. The former Friends star looks dazed and confused. Maybe it's just the photo. This is why celebrities should smile and pose, they look so much better !
Photo By: Charlie Bonilla/BuzzFoto


Ashton Kutcher

Sexy Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher loves to urinate outside his mansion every morning, because he wants to feel closer to nature.The 'That 70's Show" star admits he likes to join his dogs when they empty their bladders in the morning outside the home he shares with his wife actress Demi Moore. And he blames his weird toilet habit on his desire to bond with the earth and feel like a "caveman". He says, "I pee outside, outside my house, in my yard. I usually start off my day by taking my dogs out. While they go, I go."That’s probably my least appealing habit. I just feel like I’m connecting with nature, I bond and feel like caveman. Man, tents, cave, pee, bush." We understand Ashtons call to nature, we have it too, but what does he do when hes at his wife Demi's New York City apartment? We guess he walks right across the street to Central Park. Better be careful of the Gay cruising area, you may be sliding home !

Sunday, April 27, 2008


LUX 74
433 East 74th Street
New York, NY 10021

Lux 74 Is Pure Style

With sales launching this month, developer Josh Guberman of the Core Development Group, has again raised the bar for the Manhattan real estate market with the construction of LUX 74. This new development, located at 429 East 74th Street in New York City, boast an architecturally progressive design in the high demand Upper East Side market. LUX 74 offers twelve unique handcrafted residences in an intimate atmosphere, surrounded by some of the most exclusive and important landmarks in New York. Upon entering the building, residents and guests are greeted by a sun-soaked curtain wall of glass and attentive twenty-four hour concierge service. LUX 74 offers everything from studio apartments through five bedroom residences, equipped with the industry’s finest finishes, Viking, Sub Zero and Miele appliance packages, hand mitered Giallo Elena limestone counter tops, Italian Stone and mosaic throughout, sequence matched walnut paneling, Lava stone clad “flame” fireplaces, thermostatically controlled “warm floor” radiant heating in all bathrooms, oversized air jet bath tubs, three fixture laundry rooms in select units, high efficiency multi zone central heat and air conditioning, Panasonic Plasmas and Bose hi-def surround sound A/V systems and much more. The oversized floor-to-ceiling high “E glass” windows are the defining attribute that offers remarkable panoramic views of the city while flooding the residences with warm sunshine. Most of the units include a private outdoor space allotting residents a distinctive oasis amongst the hustle and bustle of New York City. Add a perfectly manicured roof terrace with custom lounge seating, sun bathing and dining areas, and a five fixture outdoor kitchen and you will understand why LUX 74 is indeed a special retreat and an escape from the ordinary. The lower level of the building contains private storage units available by lottery selection and a state of the art fitness center.These low maintenance apartments are perfect for the professional, who spends a lot of time away from home, yet is eager for a place to enjoy those quiet moments of solitude. The project enjoys 421a tax abatement status for the first 10 years of the project providing a substantial tax break for its unit owners.The residences at LUX 74 are also targeted at discerning homeowners who require a place to relax as well as entertain. Families can rest easy knowing that LUX 74 is located in an up-and-coming family neighborhood with close proximity to some of Manhattan’s top schools. LUX 74 offers nothing less than first class amenities across the board, cutting edge design, superior quality and unique living at an affordable price. For those who do not settle for the ordinary and are attracted clean simple lines, a serene atmosphere and the perfect Manhattan location, look no further than LUX 74.



Bobby And Jill Zarin

The night glittered with stars who attended the Gala Preview of The Spring International Art & Antiques Show to benefit LENOX HILL NEIGHBORHOOD HOUSE the other night at the Park Avenue Armory. Not only did the Real Housewives of New York (Jill Zarin is seen here with hubby Bobby) put the event on their agendas, but they forked out $1,000 each (forget the milk money, honey) to join everybody from host/artist Hunt Slonem to mother-rocker Anne Dexter Jones and eternal socialite Anne Slater for dinner at tables designed by some of New York's favorites, among them Benjamin Steintz, Amy Lou, Lauren Belasco, floral wizard Charles Terhout, Bridget Vizoso, Deborah Buck, David Scott (whose 'Jack and the Beanstalk' was the beanstalk-of-the-town), Dennis Rolland and other glitterati. Bidding on the Designer tables ran high throughout the evening and resulted in a huge donation of almost a million dollars to Lenox Hill Neighborhood House.
Photo By: Ann Watt


Tribute bands are hotter-than-ever ... clubs across the country can't get enough of them. MICHAEL JACKSON; JOURNEY; RADIOHEAD; BILLY JOEL; BRUCE SPRINGSTEIN; GENESIS; THE CURE; DEPECHE MODE; THE POLICE; QUIET RIOT; FRANK ZAPPA; PINK FLOYD; and, MEATLOAF, among others, ... are all represented with their very own tribute-band. In the beginning, the actual bands often disowned them, but, the Genesis-tribute ensemble, THE MUSICAL BOX, has actually been legitimately endorsed by the band members themselves. There's another one, right here in New York, called TALK OF THE TOWN, which handles music from both THE CARS and THE PRETENDERS ... and, they pull it off tremendously well.In fact, according to TOTT spokesperson MARY BETH CRONIN, "We've actually begun a dialogue with GREG HAWKES from the band, and, he's been an incredible source of inspiration." In fact, he might even be involved in a new single the band is recording right now, though that has not yet locked in.The 5-members of the band, COSMO LoCRICCHIO; JAY SHARKEY; JOE BIVONA; BILLY REUTLINGER, along with Cronin, are planning a massive tour this spring and summer on the North East. "Let's not forget the The Cars were am amazing band in the early 80s ... and, though part of the group re-united with TODD RUNDGREN last year, for a small tour ...calling themselves The New Cars ... their music lives on majestically. Watch for a date at Steve Walter's Cutting Room next month.


Daniel O'Donnell And Lisa Asher

Rosie's State Assemblyman brother Danny O'Donnell, dropped in the other night to see buddy Lisa Asher co host The After Party at the Laurie Beechman Theater (located below the WEST BANK CAFE 407 West 42nd) The After Party which is billed as a schmooze fest for the theatrically inclined has fast become the thing to do on a Friday night with the Broadway crowd. Weekly a different Broadway performer appears as the guest star with several other Broadway folks in the audience taking turns as the open mic.
Photo By: Mark Rupp


Seal and Project Runway star Heidi Klum will celebrate their wedding anniversary on the same beach where they exchanged vows in 2005 and with the same minister.The couple renewed their vows in the same spot in Costa Careyes, Mexico in 2006 and 2007, and are making plans to return there next month. Seal tells InStyle magazine, "It focuses us on why we got married, and sets a good example… for the kids." The couple owns a cliff-top estate overlooking the Pacific Ocean close to where they wed.And the British singer admits it’s the perfect romantic spot: "The sea is the main draw. We don’t need to watch TV - we just stare at the horizon."


Britney Spears

Toxic Singer Britney Spears is taking singing lessons.The out of control former star is seeking professional help to get her career back on track, and she doesn’t seem to care who knows it.Britney was spotted carrying a CD, marked `4/25/08 Britney’s Voice Lesson - Afternoon’ as she left the home of her vocal coach in Tarzana, California on Friday.


Baywatch beauty Pamela Anderson has been left very upset by published reports that she’s no longer a vegetarian after photos of her gobbling a veggie hot dog were misconstrued by the media. The Hollywood star, longtime meat-free and PETA activist, was accused of eating a beef dog during a recent visit to her son Brandon’s baseball game in Malibu, California. But Anderson has been quick to point out that she never eats meat even if there was nothing else on the menu. She tells, "It’s like Hotdoggate… Clearly, it’s a veggie dog (in the pictures). They’ve been serving veggie dogs and veggie burgers at my kids’ baseball games for years now."


Mitch Winehouse With Daughter Amy

Troubled singer Amy Winehouse's dad Mitch is seeking to have the star committed to a mental institution, because he is convinced this is the only way he can save his wild daughter from her alleged drug demons.Mitch is so desperate for the Grammy-winner to live a clean and sober lifestyle, and has grown increasingly worried over her erratic behaviour, which resulted in her arrest and subsequent police caution over accusations of assault earlier this week. And now Mitch wants his troubled daughter to be sectioned under the U.K.’s Mental Health Act, because she has proven she is at risk of hurting herself and others. He tells British newspaper the News of the World, "I want her sectioned. The situation is getting out of control. I want her off the street. I don’t think being somewhere (in rehab) for six weeks is going to cure her problems. I think it needs far more radical measures."I’ve been on the phone to Amy’s manager in Los Angeles and he’s starting things rolling. They are going to be speaking to doctors, psychologists and everything else. Ultimately, it’s the doctors who will decide if anybody is sectionable."I’ve told them (medical authorities) she is a danger to herself. There is evidence of self-harming and she’s a danger to other people because she’s attacked someone."Obviously as her dad I will try and do what’s best for her. Unfortunately, what I think is best for her and what she thinks is best for her are two different things."


Debbie Harry

SQUEEZEBOX! had it's world premiere screening at Tribeca's 7th annual film festival the other day at The Tishman Auditorium/New School, 66West 12th Street. Celebrities in attendance were filmmaker John Waters, Blondie's Debbie Harry, The Lady Bunny, Sherry Vine, Brandy Wine, Breanda a GoGo,Bebe Buell and many others. Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal and Craig Hatkoff founded the Tribeca Film Festival in 2001 following the attacks on the World Trade Center to spur the economic and cultural revitalization of lower manhattan through an annual celebration of film, music and culture. The Festival’s mission focuses on assisting filmmakers to reach the broadest possible audience, enabling the international film community and general public to experience the power of cinema and promoting New York City as a major filmmaking center. Since its founding, the Festival has attracted over two million attendees from the US and abroad and has generated more than $425 million in economic activity for New York City.

The Legend Lady Bunny With Sherry Vine

Photos By: Mark Rupp


Nick Scotti

The other night was a celebrity-driven night at New York City's famed nightclub The Plumm. Owner Noel Ashman, who has been seen on the arm of actress Paula Devicq, (Best known for living with Scott Wolf and played Kirsten Benett on the hit show "Party of Five,") was spied in the VIP area canoodling with a sexy brunette model named Megan. Zac Randolph, who came with a party of 15, was overheard saying that he most likely will not return to the Knicks next year. One-time Madonna protege Nick Scotti, feeling no pain, accidentally knocked over actor and nightlife King Keith Collins drink while he was chatting with Ashman. Sources tell us the bouncers were called and threw Scotti out. Also there: Salman Rushdie (who came to hear singer Jihae), SNL's Kenan Thompson (getting it on with five bodacious women) , Lisa Loeb, Corey Webster, Trevor Rains, and model Caron Bernstein. We also know, one of our favorite Television Producers Adam Kluger, formerly a producer at CNN, Fox and E!, had a packed launch party to mark the opening of his own Public Relations agency, AKPR, in NYC. We were invited, but we were at The Taj Mahal in Atlantic City working. Funny how New York City falls apart when I leave !

Saturday, April 26, 2008





Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort


1000 Boardwalk at Virginia Avenue

Atlantic City, NJ 08401


Five Star Dining At Il Mulino

The Best Wines

Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City has undergone a major renovation during the past three years that has included the renovation of the majority of the casino floor and completion of The Penthouse Suites at Trump Taj Mahal. Currently, the property is constructing a new, 782 room hotel tower set to debut in September 2008, and the luxurious High Limit Gaming Salon on the casino floor first opened in the closing days of 2007. During August 2008, the property plans to celebrate the opening of, what may be the most highly anticipated restaurant opening in recent Atlantic City history, New York’s own, Il Mulino.The critically acclaimed restaurant will open its doors in Fall 2008 at Trump Taj Mahal in , Atlantic City, as one major step in a series of modifications to the resort that promise to set a new standard of excellence for the casino hotel. There will be two separate dining concepts featured at the restaurant, including the traditional white table cloth Il Mulino New York, as well as the more casual Trattoria Il Mulino. Il Mulino New York will offer tuxedo clad servers and an extensive wine list, while Trattoria Il Mulino offers guests a more relaxed dining experience and features traditional pizzas, pastas and lighter dishes to excite the palette.The recent celebration of the Il Mulino and Trump Entertainment Resort partnership offered menu tastings and wine pairings to a VIP crowd.