Sexy Hollywood star Hugh Jackman had to thank a photographer for helping him find his lost son on a California beach.The actor was at the beach in Malibu with kids Oscar, eight, Ava, two, when Oscar disappeared.He tells the National Enquirer, "I’d sat down with my two kids, we were playing - and all of a sudden he’s gone. I’m freaking out. I start running down the beach, and I can see this guy running behind me. I turn around - and it’s a paparazzi."So I think ‘Oh, no. That’s all I need - I’ve lost my kid and this guy’s going to take pictures of me hysterical." But the celebrity snapper actually helped save the day. "(He said) ‘Hugh! Hugh! Listen mate, there’s your son. Over there.’ "I looked around and saw my little boy. That paparazzi (sic) was really child minding. I guess those guys do come in handy occasionally."