Angie Everhart

Troubled Angie Everhart has been arrested for drunk driving, just days after breaking up from longtime boyfriend Joe Pesci.The 38-year-old was arrested shortly after 2 a.m. last week in Los Angeles California after failing a sobriety test. According to TMZ, Everhart persuaded police officers to allow her to use the toilet in a nearby restaurant before taking the test, which she subsequently failed. She is also reported to have refused to do any chemical testing because she claimed her attorney had told her not to.Everhart was held on $15,000 bail but was released later that day. She is due in court on May 15th. It hasn't been a good seven days for Sylvester Stallone's ex -- last week, Pesci ended his engagement to Everhart, nine months after proposing. The couple had been together for seven years.