Ashton Kutcher

Sexy Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher loves to urinate outside his mansion every morning, because he wants to feel closer to nature.The 'That 70's Show" star admits he likes to join his dogs when they empty their bladders in the morning outside the home he shares with his wife actress Demi Moore. And he blames his weird toilet habit on his desire to bond with the earth and feel like a "caveman". He says, "I pee outside, outside my house, in my yard. I usually start off my day by taking my dogs out. While they go, I go."That’s probably my least appealing habit. I just feel like I’m connecting with nature, I bond and feel like caveman. Man, tents, cave, pee, bush." We understand Ashtons call to nature, we have it too, but what does he do when hes at his wife Demi's New York City apartment? We guess he walks right across the street to Central Park. Better be careful of the Gay cruising area, you may be sliding home !