David Salidor With Beauty's

If you remember clubs like STUDIO 54; ICE PALACE; INFINITY; and LES MOUCHES from back in the day, then you no doubt recall a performance troupe called Le Clique. Created by Stu and Marlene Feinstein, from 1977-1979, they literally ruled the roost at clubs that featured a performance spaces. Funny thing is, you may not remember exactly what they were called, but you do remember them and their marvelous routines. As a good friend once said to me "I'm told I had a very good time." Now, there's something called SURROTICA that's catching fire up and down the East Coast. Part performance group; part fashion troupe; but, all entertainment. The creator and producer is fashion-photographer ROBERT BERNARD, who has thus far succeeded in creating a dynamic and memorable performance and fashion spectacle. Take Halloween for instance, Surrrotica and Bernard hand-painted several beautiful young girls,who were then headed to the traditional Halloween-Village parade. Reports were that they turned heads at every turn. Bernard also did several events this past-summer in the Hampton's, and at Kauffman Furs in the fashion district. With the Pasha-David Salidor at the PR-helm (pictured below with some of the Halloween participants), the group is starting to book assignment's at clubs and restaurants in '09.Bernard is calling Surrotica "A new approach to the sensuous and sultry for the new millennium!" Indeed!