Seäsonal: Brings an Innovative
Perspective to Austrian and German Dining
132 West 58th Street
New York, NY 11002
Tel: (212) 957-5550
Pure Class In Midtown

Located in the heart of midtown Manhattan, new restaurant and weinbar Seäsonal offers New York City diners a fresh, new perspective on Austrian and German cuisine. In addition to exceptional Austrian and German food, Seäsonal restaurant offers an elaborate wine list, with wines that have been hand selected directly by the restaurant owners from Austria and Germany to create impeccable wine pairings with every meal at Seäsonal. Consistent with its name, Seäsonal uses the freshest ingredients, based on the season and locally sourced products when preparing their dishes, ensuring the finest display of Austrian and German fare. Not only does Seäsonal pride itself in maintaining the utmost quality in their cuisine, they ensure the presentation meets the same standard by designing each plate with artistic elegance.For ambience, the clean, brilliant white walls surrounding the dining room set the stage for a revolving collection of contemporary Austrian and German art. Diners luxuriate within leather clad cubby seating and wall-to-wall natural wood floors. The dining room is illuminated by a celestial ceiling with sparkling lights in the shape of branches which lay beneath a film of translucent sound isolating material. Not only does the ceiling create a glowing canopy over Seäsonal’s signature elliptical wine bar, it also ensures the restaurant’s noise level remains at a comfortable level for guests. Wolfgang Ban and Eduard Frauneder, Executive Chefs and Co-Owners of Seäsonal merged professional paths after meeting while students at the prestigious, Gastronomie Fachschule, the Culinary Institute of Vienna. It was there Ban and Frauneder shared the same mentor and went on to manage and cook at many of the same high-end restaurants in Europe and the United States. Both Ban and Frauneder worked for Austrian Ambassadors in London and New York and a few years later were invited by the German Government to manage the German House Restaurant, a private delegate’s dining room located within the German Mission to the United Nations. In 2005, the business partners opened the catering company, Elderberry Catering and just a few years later, Ban and Frauneder decided to join forces with a group of investors and partner on their biggest endeavor yet - Seäsonal.