688 8TH AVE


We at Times Square Gossip really have had it with this McDonalds on 8th Avenue, between 43rd and 44th streets. We complained maybe 2 years ago to McDonalds corporation about the very slow service, the incompetent staff, the food quality and more. A nice lady got back to me and left me a voicemail message back then, and said how sorry they were, perhaps they could send me a coupon and they would look into the problems there. But by then, I decided I have had enough with that place and started going to other places. I had suggested in my e-mail to them, that they should send in a mystery shopper and see for themselves. I guess they never did. It is very convenient, but I didn't want to be abused anymore. Drugged out homeless customers Adorne their tables. Nothing is ever fast here. The staff does not have a clue. They are the most incompetent staff at any McDonalds I ever went too. I have been to McDonalds around the world, and this is the most disgusting restaurant ever. Their sidewalks are filthy and their tables are hardly cleaned. Well about a month ago, I was waiting for a bus right in front of the 8th ave McDonalds, and decided I was staving and went in there. Same old mess. After twenty minutes, I walked out after complaining to the manager. Last night, I'm waiting for a bus and I glanced into McDonalds and I saw only a few people on line. I figured I could use a large cup of coffee, so I broke down and ran into the sleazy McDonalds. I'm on line and some drugged out crack whore asks me for money. I ignored her and she kept asking and asking. I said "leave me alone". She starts yelling and screaming and tells me she's going to kick my ass and I'm yelling to the manager to get this woman out of here. Manager ignores me. Crack whore leaves. I'm now online 10 minutes in a McDonalds that isn't even that crowded and I'm waiting and waiting. Its now almost 20 minutes. 20 minutes in a restaurant that bills itself as fast food. I call the manager. She yells she has to take care of the people. Her cashiers are walking around in a daze. They looked like they didn't even know where they were. Some guy cuts right in front of me and says to the guy behind the counter, he wants a fish fillet. Turns to me and says he's his friend. I start telling the manager she better get it together. She ignores me. The guy behind the counter comes out to take out garbage. The guy that cut in front of me starts cursing me out, telling me to S**k his D**k, don't talk to his friends this way. He starts threatening me. I turn to the manager and asked her wheres your security. She ignores me. I start yelling at her that all I wanted was a cup of coffee and I have waited almost 25 minutes in a store that was not crowded, I have been almost assaulted by a crack whore, threatened by some friend of a worker, and still the manager ignores me. I throw my business card down and tell not only am I contacting McDonalds Corporation, but I'm going to send my friends from The New York Post and The Daily News in there to see that this is the worst fast food restaurant ever. I start to walk out. The workers friend appears once again. Starts threatening me. Tells me I can't talk to his friend this way. His friend is next to him. Hes taking out the trash. His friend is still yelling hes going to kick my ass. The McDonalds employee tells him to calm down. The guy keeps yelling. I sit on the fire hydrant and wait for the bus. The guy is still yelling and I am just ignoring him. A tour bus goes around the corner. I'm looking right at it. Looked like it went through a red light. I see a body flying. A woman is in the road. It looks like the crack whore, but I am not sure. I can't believe this night. The police arrive, the fire department, ambulances, and this McDonalds employees friend is still yelling at me. I can't take it. All I wanted was a cup of coffee. I run to the subway, wait 20 minutes for a C train and then the train announces it's turning express at 59th street, which means I have to get off. I head to the street again and wait for the bus I would have caught in front of McDonalds and finally get to 86th street. I grab a cup of coffee, head to my friends to smoke a joint. After all, all I wanted was to have a cup of coffee and now I needed to smoke a joint. Lesson learned? Stay out of the 688 8th Avenue McDonalds !

P.S. I also love about how they measure serving time. It is measured when you give them the money and then the screen says average serving time is 27 seconds. Shouldn't serving time be measured from when you order to when you get your food? It then would be average serving time 25 minutes!
Photos By: James Edstrom


Anonymous said…
Personally I've never been to NY or the USA (I'm Italian), here McDonalds sucks but I didn't thought Times Square was worst. Just a question: is Time square's Mcdonalds crowded (and is it full, if i can ask) during the day?
Anonymous said…
Maybe you should stay out of McDonald's period and try eating a salad... drinking some water. It sounds as though you're as screwed up as the homeless people, crack whore and employees at McDonald's. Maybe there's a reason why they ignore you. It's not coincidence that bad customers get bad service.
Anonymous said…
Wow, James! Did you check your horror-scope for that day? Sounds as if it was a bad one.

I detest Mickey-D's food but find myself driving there late at nite for the cherry pies. Three times I have driven there and ordered the pies, gotten home and discovered they substitute apple pie!!!! Without even telling me! Called corporate and complained. Anytime I want, I can pick up 8 cherry pies for free now... but I am NOT going back! Buy my sweets from the grocery and stay home.

Mickey-D's has gotten too full of themselves, IMO.
Anonymous said…
I gotta agree. When I went it wasn't as bad, but this is, hands down, the worst McD's in America I've ever been to

And I can't believe McD's stands for it; given its prime location.
LUke said…
You have to reconsider that Times Square is full of people, and that restaurant is just crowded to the max.
James Edstrom said…
If you are open and in business, you need to take care of the customers... Plain and simple.... There is no excuse for this restaurant being as bad as it is. They are two cheap to hire help and there place is a mess.

Anonymous said…
i've work there and beleive me the customer always comes first. I know that for sure cause i took care of them myself; the area is really nice and is busy, crowded 24/7. The people love its town!
James Edstrom said…
I have to disagree. The customer is not first at this McDonalds. First of all, are you talking about the McDonalds on 43rd and 8th? If so, I live here, have been in this McDonalds so many times and it is always bad. Slow service even when it is empty. They don't have the dollar menu anywhere that I can see, yet they advertise in our neighborhood everyday on tv their dollar menu. The service is so slow, the food poor quality and their is no organization. But this is the way of businesses in Times Square. They have the tourists, so they do not need to be good, they are going to get the business anyway. But the sad thing is, they could have thousands more customers that live here if they got their act together. Most of the 650 people that live in my building, now go elsewhere. If you worked there, and you cared about the customer, you must have been the only one there that did.I wish I had gotten you. They could make ten times more money if they pre cooked everything like they used to at all the McDonalds in the old days. You just grab the food and the customer is on his way. But they are too cheep to do this, God forbid they had a few extra hamburgers at the end of the day that they had to throw away. McDonalds is supposed to be fast food. Fast food does not mean waiting 10 or 15 minutes for a order or just a coffee. It does not mean waiting online 15 minutes to order because they are too cheep to hire the right amount of help...... So I wish you the best, you seem to be the only good one there and you should be proud of that.

James Edstrom