Mariska Hargitay

Television star Mariska Hargitay is hinting that she may be leaving her top cop show Law And Order SVU, to spend more time as a mother. The talented actress, who started playing Detective Olivia Benson in the long-running TV drama in 1999, admits she’s missing out on family time and is thinking about leaving the show. She tells Ladies Home Journal magazine, "I just want to see my kid." Hargitay’s son, August, was born in 2006 and the actress admits she and husband Peter Hermann are "trying" for a second child.
Photo By: RD / Leon / Retna Digital


Anonymous said…
I started watching the show from the start because of her and the character. I've been a huge fan and I will really deeply miss her if she decides to leave. She's done so much for the show and for her charaties that she's involved in. Good luck to her and her family.
Anonymous said…
i think its a great idea if mariska has another child. i just hate the fact that she wnats to leave the show in order to do it. svu wud b nothing with out the benson/stabler duo. they are wonderful people. and make the best partners. if she left the show wud be depressing. besides how wud they explain det. olivia bensons absense? if she leaves they wud hve to mke a whole episode of how she leaves or have a damn good excuse as to y shes gone. if she leaves i know its for her family. hell i wud do the same thing. but i hope its only temporary. i wish her luck and please stay out of the hopspital.