Our good friend Keith Girald at The says there is something fishy about the Jeremy Piven mercury case. We found this story very interesting. Seems Jeremys Doctor has the nickname The Love Doctor. Seems there are or were several lawsuits against this doctor. The Improper also says " While most news organizations have taken Piven’s fish story at face value, an examination of records at the federal Food and Drug Administration, the Federal Trade Commission the Centers for Disease Control, the New York State Health Department, several health and medical publications and other news sources raise serious questions about the circumstances surrounding his "illness." The Improper also says Piven's Doctor Colker was busted in an FTC complaint against a Portland, Maine, company known as Vital Basics, Inc. The company was sued for false and misleading advertising involving a sex drug that Colker had formulated called V-Factor Natural Pack. Colker, who bills himself as a “doctor and fitness trainer to the stars,” has also been sued in at least four states over another “scientific study” and testimonials in support of the sale and use of ephedra-laced drugs.The Improper also wonders if Colker called in the police and health departments, as required by state law? Where did the tainted sushi come from? Shouldn’t the scum hole be shut down and the public protected? Will he be suing? Chinese herbs laced with mercury are illegal in this country and have been banned for years. Where did Piven get them? Why was he taking them? The police and the federal Drug Enforcement Administration would want to know.
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Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna