In the January 7th issue of Steppin' Out, Penthouse Pet Of The Year 2009, Taya Parker (soon to star in VH1's new season of "Rock of Love") tells Chaunce Hayden about the time she gave Harrison Ford a very disappointing lap dance.....
Taya Parker

I once gave Harrison Ford a lap dance and he wasn't very nice. He really wasn't. Most of my experiences with celebrities have not been good. But with him it was especially bad. He came into the club where I was working and rounded up a couple of girls. I remember him as coming across very arrogant. He wanted everybody to know he was in charge. He hired me to dance for him but then he was acting nasty about it. He was acting like he wasn't into it. So why be in the strip club at all? He had me and four other girls all at once. I wish I could climb into his head and understand why he would want four of us. Maybe it's because he doesn't have to commit to one girl. All I know is, I couldn't get Han Solo out of my head. I thought maybe if I have this really hot Chewbacca custom he would have been turned on by me. He was good looking for an older guy, but he wouldn't be my personal preference if he tried to take me home.