Martin Silver With Councilman Anthony Como

Steven Murphy With Carol Bradley And Martin Silver

Thousands of bars and taverns in the Big Apple will be celebrating Red Monday today for the 75th anniversary of the Bloody Mary. The drink which is an American institution originated in Manhattan by a famous French bartender named Ferdinand Petiot when he came here in 1933. New York State and local officials showed up today to proclaim Bloody Mary Day and to honor the granddaughter of Petiot with a citation and a Bloody Mary toast in the middle of Times Square at TGIF's at 1552 Broadway. A year-long celebration will take place throughout the United States with original Bloody Mary themed events. Millions consume Bloody Marys each day. Georgi Vodka and Murphy’s Famous Bloody Mary Mix which are two local New York based companies will be handing out Bloody Marys throughout the tri-state area all day in honor of the anniversary. TGI Friday's Restaurants in New York City will be rolling back drink prices to 1933 levels. Martin Silver of Star Industries will join with officials from the Riese Organization which owns over 110 restaurants will be making a special announcement along with a special Bloody Mary that was invented by a local New Yorker, Steven Murphy, for the ceremony. The cocktail was originally called the "Red Snapper" because the term bloody was considered harsh for a drink in the 1930s. When Tabasco sauce was added to the drink the name "Bloody Mary" became a household word. In the 1960s it became popular to serve the cocktail with celery due to a guest at the Ambassador East Hotel in Chicago.
Photos By: James Edstrom