Superbitch Naomi Campbell has come under fire once again from angry passengers after she was allowed to cut in line at a New York City airport to get through customs upon arriving in the U.S. from London.The always in trouble former model arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport on an American Airlines flight on Tuesday morning and was then escorted to the front of the line to have her passport checked. But her fellow travelers were not amused by her preferential treatment and booed Campbell as she passed them to get to the head of the line. A source tells the New York Daily News, "An older lady was about to have her passport checked, but she was told to wait so Naomi could go first. It pissed off a lot of people."However, Campbell's lawyer Marty Singer has defended the star, insisting it is normal procedure for any celebrity to be escorted through customs first, to avoid unwelcome attention. Singer says, "She was not treated any differently than any other high-profile individual. American Airlines offered to escort her. She did not ask for it. It's done for security reasons, so high-profile passengers aren't besieged by people." A spokesperson for American Airlines has refused to comment on the incident.
Editors Note: Naomi was never a nice person even since I remember. She was always a bitch, always rude and she should wait at the end of the line like everyone else.