Famed actress Sigourney Weaver is training to become a pilot, making her flying debut just weeks after a terrifying incident on board a jet. The Hollywood star was due to start taking courses when she was involved in an emergency on a flight. She recalls, "There was a big sound at the back of the plane. Something must have popped open I guess and all the oxygen masks dropped down. We had to dive about 10,000 feet so our brains wouldn’t pop but the stewardesses were such terrible actors. "They were running up and down saying things like, ‘How’s your water?’ when it was obvious they were panicking. I was curiously calm, but what can you do?" And Weaver is adamant that the experience failed to put her off flying for real - she took to the skies for her first lesson in the mountains over Montreal, Canada, just weeks after the incident.
Photo By: RD/Leon/Retna