Our favorite Monkee-MICKY DOLENZ has signed on for his first reality-show, CMT's GONE COUNTRY. The point of the show is took take several artists NOT country ... have them spend some time in Nashville with other country artists ... soak up the country-Fed atmosphere ... and, write a country song ... Gone Country. Now, truth be told, The Monkees, who sold tens-of-millions of records, have always somewhat been on the level of country-rock anyway. On their terrific album of 1967, HEADQUARTERS, which TV Guide called "The great revolt of '67', the foursome were already way-ahead-of-the pack writing, producing, and recording terrific songs like "Shades Of Gray", "Forget That Girl", and "The Girl I Knew Somewhere." Dolenz, who knows more than a thing or two from the country world, will be joined by songstress TAYLOR DANE; American Idol's JUSTIN GUARINI; Miss USA 2006 TARA CONNOR; SHELA E.; and, GEORGE CLINTON ... from the legendary Funkadelic! Dolenz, always a favorite here at TIMES SQUARE GOSSIP will no doubt bring a professional sheen to the whole affair, with his gift of gab and good humor. For the record, this is the third season of the show hosted by John Rich, of BIG & RICH.