Steve Wilkos Travels To New York To Share The Stage With Maury Povich and Then Takes Teens to Monmouth County Jail in New Jersey To Meet Real Life Inmates and Go Behind Bars To Scare Them Straight
Watch This Thursday Nov 20th
Steve Wilkos And Maury Povich In NYC

Television Kings Steve Wilkos And Maury Povich

Daytime talk show host Maury Povich welcomes fellow daytime talker Steve Wilkos to the "Maury" set in an effort to help get some out-of-control teenage girls, whose lives are filled with sex and violence, back to normalcy. The mothers of these girls are at their wit's end and have turned to "Maury" for the help they so desperately need.The stories include a 15 year-old who beats up her special needs brother and sisters who say they have had sex in exchange for sneakers and hamburgers.After hearing these stories with the girls, their parents and Maury, fellow talk show host Steve Wilkos comes onstage and goes face-to-face with the girls and tells them how they are disrespecting themselves and their mothers.The teens find out that Maury and Steve have a surprise planned for them. Steve, a former Chicago police officer and Marine, is taking them to the Monmouth County Jail in New Jersey to show the girls where they are headed, unless they clean up their acts.While in jail, the girls meet actual female inmates who tell them how they are treated and what prison life is really like. The teens are also processed and fingerprinted, dressed in orange uniforms and then put behind bars.Will the girls be scared straight? The results will be shown at the end of the show.Both "The Steve Wilkos Show" and "Maury" are distributed by NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution.“MAURY” is taped at NBC Universal’s studios in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. Paul Faulhaber is executive producer. John Pascarella is supervising producer.


Anonymous said…
I wish I would have seen this episode! I love Steve I've been watching him ever since Jerry Springer came about. As well as Maury.

I'm very glad to see that Steve got his own show, I watch it everyday with Maury and Jerry Springer. Although I must admit that it's depressing not seeing Steve on Jerry Springer but way more fun to see Steve throw chairs on his show!

Anyway if you could do you have a link to a recording of this episode? Or where I can find one? =]


Anonymous said…
There should be a future Maury broadcast, dealing with controlling, abusive men. Both Steve Wilkos and Dave Vitalli should come out and take these controlling, abusive men to a very intimidating prison, namely Attica Prison, to teach these guys the impending consequences of their abusive behavior toward their wives/fiancees/girlfriends. Both Steve and Dave will even introduce these abusers to men, who are spending the rest of their lives in prison for brutally murdering their significant others in an act of domestic violence. Afterwards, Steve and Dave take these abusers to a prison labor camp, where they would have to perform hard labor as part of their community service, and this would go on for two weeks. Afterwards, the abusers have to face the women they've abused, but the jury will be out as to whether the women stay with them or leave them for good. This is another way that Maury can get tougher on his guests.
James Edstrom said…
LOL..You should be their producer!

Anonymous said…
All I have to say is that I love Steve Wilkos!