Sexy Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio is going through on his vow to boycott the paparazzi. He has put his Malibu, California mansion up for sale. The actor recently lashed out at the celebrity snappers who follow his every move, branding them "disrespectful and dangerous". He said, "The mere fact that these - I’ll use the word piles - are earning money from exploiting my image is the only reason I hide myself or am not a photo-friendly person. I do not like the way they conduct themselves. I think they’re disrespectful and dangerous. The reason I don’t pose or smile or that I seem mad is that I don’t want them to make a living off my private life." And he appears to be very serious about moving out of the limelight by making plans to move out of the heavy paparazzi area.His two bedroom, two bathroom property, which also boasts a guest house and four-car garage, is on the market for just under $9 million. And that’s not all according to TMZ. The home comes with underground tunnels leading to and from Hollywood’s hottest nightspots.
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David Grizzard said…
I'm pretty sure the underground tunnel thing was just a joke.