Swedish model Sabina Mari Johansson cuts a diminutive figure as she walks, alone, up the deserted sidewalk on Broadway, her lithe figure back lit by the bright lights of the big city in Times Square. It’s been more than four months since she was thrust into the national consciousness in a sweeping prostitution bust at Big Daddy Lou’s, an anything-goes strip club on West 38th Street that catered to big spending Wall Street types.For the first time since her arrest, she sits down with editor Keith Girard for a candid in-depth interview about her short quick descent into the world of New York City prostitution. An aspiring model who came to the Big Apple to advance her career, Johansson fell into a trap that lures many young, na├»ve models. Her own experience parallels Ashley Alexandra Dupre’s, the infamous hooker who bedded New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer. Dupre was arrested in a scandal that toppled Spitzer from power.Johansson fell in with Lou Posner, a well-known millionaire Manhattan lawyer, who owned the private and secretive strip club. Police raided the club this past July and claimed it was a den of for “anything goes” prostitution. Johansson was arrested as well. The sting operations because a worldwide story, even reaching the newspapers in her hometown of Orebro, Sweden. “Oh my God, I couldn’t believe I was in Chinese,” she says in her lilting Swedish accent. “I got calls from all over the world from friends.”In the interview, tells the story of countless young women who come to New York City, hoping to fulfill their dreams of acting, dancing or modeling only to end up in strips clubs, or worse, prostitution. She describes the club in detail and explains how it worked. She traces her own path that led to Big Daddy’s door. She explains how the police tried to trick her and what it was like to be the focus of a media maelstrom. It’s also a story of redemption as she struggles to put her life back together and make it in the city of bright lights.
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