Dr. Judy Kuriansky And Danny Devito

Legendary actor Danny DeVito is congratulated in the lobby of the Ziegfeld Theatre by noted sexdoc and TV personality Dr Judy Kuriansky after his receiving the Lifetime Visionary Award at the opening gala of the Israeli Film Festival in New York. Devito was hugged a few minutes earlier by Michael Douglas who said he wouldn’t have missed the occasion to present the award to his long-time best friend, DeVito. Douglas waxed nostalgic, teasing the mischievous Devito about their filming during the blockbuster “Romancing the Stone” in 1984 when Douglas and co-star Kathleen Tutner were dangling on a chandelier, and Douglas asked Devito how long he would have to dangle so precariously, and deVito announced to the crew and all, “Lunch! Douglas further reminisced about a “magical time” sharing an apartment on the upper West side of Manhattan when the two were struggling actors in the 1960s, and “sloppy” but great roommates. Douglas teased that DeVito had hair at the time, and the comic actor retorted that. “True I used to have hair…thank God the loss did not affect other parts of my body.” Musing about the meaning of being a visionary, DeVito, in true comic style, recalled an event on the set of “Romancing the Stone” when he asked the time and someone held a set of bulls balls and announced 12:15pm. DeVito was amazed at the “visionary” until the guy revealed his trick, and lifted up the balls so DeVito could see the clock behind. That led Devito to define, “a visionary has balls. But it takes a lot of heavy lifting.” DeVito has personal connections to the award, since he supports the organization OneVoice, which is working towards Israeli-Palestinian peace. “The activist and the sexdoc Dr Judy had words to share about Middle East peace, as Dr. Judy has edited two books on the psychological aspects of the conflict, including “Terror in the Holy Land, Inside the Anguish of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” and “Beyond Bullets and Bombs: Grassroots peace building between Israelis and Palestinians.” Dr. Judy has also hosted the opening and closing events of the film festival in several past years. “We can all live together,” DeVito said on a serious note about the conflict.


Anonymous said…
It's about time Danny got an award to acknowledge his work. He's done some innovative work. My absolute favorite is MAN ON THE MOON.

Bravo, Danny!