We have gotten so tired of bad restaurants and businesses in the Times Square area. It has gotten to the point where even if you complain, they just don't care. They know there are millions of tourists and tons of celebrities that roam all over Broadway, so they don't have to be good. They have a trapped audience. So for the next few weeks, Times Square Gossip will be naming the best and the worst in Times Square.

Burger King

I had really had it with the Burger King on 42nd street in New York City. After almost 4 years of complaining to the managers there about the food and service, nothing has ever improved. They never have enough people working, you wait 20 minutes just to order and then you wait for another 10-20 minutes just to get a burger and a fry. What ever happened to fast food? It is not fast anymore. The other day I ordered just a small fry and a burger and I waited and waited. The staff spends there time joking with each other, the manager does nothing. He just walks around and even when there are long lines, he will just putter around. Any good business manager will jump in to help when the lines get long. This one could care less. What made my visit the other day worse, was that there were only two people in the restaurant and I waited over 20 minutes before I demanded a refund and spoke to the manager. He said he was sorry, and it was only this night and I told him it's all the time. You would think he would jump behind the counter and see why only two customers were waiting for over 20 minutes, but he could care less. They just spent huge amounts of money remodeling, and the place looks worse than it ever did. They took down all the historic New York City photos and painted the place vomit yellow. Most of the time they have only one person taking orders and one person cooking. This in busy Times Square New York City? The outside of their restaurant is like a dump. Litter everywhere and they do not seem to obey New York City laws which requires them to keep their sidewalks clear and clean. Their prices are so expensive, you might as well go around the corner and get a real meal at the diner. It will cost just about the same. We really do not understand why a huge corporation like Burger King won't invest in Mystery Shoppers so they can see for themselves. We at Times Square Gossip gets tons of e-mails from visitors who want to know where to go and what to avoid. At all cost, keep walking past Burger King and visit the Subway a few doors down or the McDonald's on 42nd between 7th and 8th.

Photo By: James Edstrom


ramjam said…
Burger King Sucks. It will never get better. Quit going there! The problem with BK are the CEO’s who figured that the quickest & easiest way to increase profit was to cut the labour formula. Cut hours = BIGGER bottom line. Now because some CEO figured that out , he received a 10 million dollar bonus last year. He doesn’t give a shit about the customers or the employees, just the bottom line and his pockets. So, if the CEO doesn’t give a shit, why would / should the employees. The employees have to work twice as hard, so some Ivory Tower bustard (Who can’t even make a whopper) can get his bonus. You mark my words, don’t buy BK stock, because it’s going south. This CEO will drive the corporation into the ground & get a golden parachute!