We Liked Kohls The Best

We think Black Friday was a bust for shoppers. We really hope it was the same for the stores. Stores like advertised huge savings starting at 5am and ending at 11 am. Well we went online at a little after 5am and tried and tried to get on the site and a page kept coming up saying site was down for maintenance. Imagine this. The biggest sale day of the year and they have a online maintenance. Next stop was Another disappointment. I did not see anything that was really a bargain, unless you call some of the junk they were trying to unload a sale. Prices were very high here. I even got a phone call form a photographer that gives us some of our photos. They said Macys would not let her use her discount card. We then slid over to Nothing there worth buying. They gave you a choice on alot of stuff that said two for one. But at checkout, there was no two for one. I cancelled the sale. We then lubed up again, and slid over to We did find sale items there and we spent around 200 bucks. But the prices did still seem high even with the sale prices. We seem to remember buying the same white shirts months ago about half the price of the sale item. But we liked the quality. Almost fed up, I went to We did find some good quality stuff there and we spent some money. Good buys on winter jackets and on some shirts. Their site is very easy to navigate, unlike Walmart that takes forever to load. Their sales are going on till Sunday I think, so slide on over to Kohls and see what they have. I decided to try The Home Shopping Network. Not very exciting there, but I got a good deal on two comforters. Nothing else seemed worthwhile. And a coupon for five bucks off the first customer sale would not work. I read and read the rules, and it would just not work. I highly recommend staying away from this site. We think the major retailers are going to learn a lesson this year. The customer is smart and we are sure that sales will be at their lowest in probably 20 years because there are not many bargains out there. And with credit card companies cutting back every ones credit, even with the shameful 850 billion bailout, we are going to see mis-managed stores going out of business.


Anonymous said…
Nice research you have presented here. I appreciate your info.

I have stayed totally away from the holiday shopping thus far. Instead, I am raiding my "gift" closet which will be newly refreshed come Dec. 26...

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